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Croson won't be making trip

September 7th, 2013

Watching the replay. What a great dig by Manu-Olevao to keep the run at the end alive. Think they had more silly string than at 1,000. What a great celebration. Glad to get to see this, albeit delayed. Dashefsky wise to get out of the way.

Anyway, had held off posting this until after Shoji's milestone, in part because UA coach Rubio had asked out of respect to Shoji so as it not create a distraction.

Rubio told me that Croson would not be making the trip out. His decision. It wasn't a punishment or that Croson hadn't done anything wrong. He felt it was best not to bring her on the trip.

Don't have anything else to say on the subject. I'm sure others will. It would be nice if people just take it as how Rubio said it was. A coach's decision based on what was best for his player.

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  1. K-Bay:

    Thank You

  2. menehune:

    In spite of her differences with Coach Shoji, she still would have been treated with respect by the fans in Hawai'i.

  3. Kazu:

    I agree with # 2. Guess that's the hard part in being a coach is that you have to make decisions like this,and Shoji had to do the same.Anyway at least we will get to see Stauber tonight,i bet Sealy will start her.

  4. Beauston:

    Rubio made the right call due in part to his respect to Coach Shoji. Enough said.

  5. LC:

    Or it could have been an agreement between the coaches that Dave would give her the release so she could play but under the condition that she wouldn't be allowed to come back here for this match.

  6. Bigislandkurt:

    It's not about disrespecting Shoji. To me, it's more about eliminating distractions.

  7. innocent observer:

    maybe the real reason is that she did not want to come because of how she left and felt that the fans would treat her unkindly. if this is so, it is childish thinking, the fans are very respectful and they have gotten over her departure. Shoji would never treat her unkindly too, he was doing her a favor to allow her to play immediately, hope she thanked him for this kind gesture. there should be no ill feeling against any player who voluntarily transfer from any program, it is a personal decision and sometimes a player is dissatisfied with his/her future with the team, as such, it is best for the player and the team that the player leaves.

  8. Warrior Dave:

    Too many of you are conspiracy theorists. I don't think Shoji is the kind of coach that would put strings on a players release. It would be all or nothing.

    Lastly, it wasn't Jane's decision not to come. She realizes it would be her chance to say thank you and good byr to the fans that supported her for two years.
    Have you ever known VB fans to boo a player?

    As a prior poster stated, this was done by the Arizona coach to eliminate distractions for his team. That's all. I would have loved to see Jane again, win or lose.

  9. Grammy:

    Agree with you on all your points, well and clearly reasoned and stated. Would have loved to see Jane again, but so be it. This is why Coach Dave is such a great coach and person, he would have looked at a situation like this and made his decision based on what was best for player, team AND fans. And I do believe we would have supported and shown Aloha for Jane and wished her well and cheered her serves and kils and game. Win or lose. But as always.... Go Wahine!

  10. Krusha:

    I'm guessing this was one of the conditions of granting Croson her release. Probably better to keep her away from Hawaii and whatever negativity that has plagued her here.

  11. OrbitalRipZ:

    I look forward to watching the play of Madi Kingdon, the Wildcats #1 kill leader and one of 3 (if including Croson) superb servers in the starting lineup.

  12. setaone:

    Too bad. Would have loved to see Croson play again. Must have been a hard decision as her not making the trip decreases the level of play for Arizona.

  13. uhfan:

    Texas just beat Penn St. in 5

  14. Vbfan:

    Texas beats Penn State in 5

  15. Cubicle1126:

    i would have preferred that croson make the trip and play. everyone all around made their choice, and having done that, just let everyone play. i think fans for the part would have received her well. the only real hard feelings against her have been expressed by just a handful of fans online. but the majority of hawaii fans (most of whom do not venture online on this blog or on VT) are simply not like that.

    that said, it is what it is. hawaii has to take care of business no matter who's on the other side of the court.

  16. OrbitalRipZ:

    Re: 13 & 14 Nike Big Four @ Austin, Texas .... I have Florida winning Set 1 and leading the Set 2 against Stanford

  17. jmy:

    Florida leads Stanford 2-1, tied 16-all in the 4th...

  18. jmy:

    Florida beat Stanford in 4...

  19. Cubicle1126:

    Florida defeats Stanford in 4 ... listened on the radio broadcast, it was an exciting match. florida is very balanced, and play good defense. stanford should have been more balanced than they were, but their achilles' heel seems to be serving and passing.

  20. jmy:

    From the stats, didn't look very balanced, though...Their two middle blockers played very well...

  21. roofer68:

    Was it mentioned that San Diego also beat Illinois 3-1.

    For tonight's matchup with UCLA, I'm wondering if putting Nikki Taylor as LOH2 would be a better plan for just this match, because they'll have Emily or Nikki matched up against Karsta Lowe. Then have Tai or Kaela at RS. Nikki puts up a bigger block and hits a mean line shot from the LS, from what I saw last night. Any thoughts on this? I know that the LOH hits twice on the left and once on the right in Shoji's system.

  22. setaone:

    Is Ferrel still with Florida or did she graduate already?

  23. Purple&Green:

    Call me an xxx if you want, but I suspect that UH loses in four or five tonight against UCLA.

    LBSU--who's feeling the ill-effects of a temporarily hurt 6.6 Hampton--(on a hunch) will come back to beat the Bruins on LBS's home floor Wednesday, Sept. 18th.

    My guess is that UH still splits the two matches with the 49ers this season. I don't really know which of the two UH will win, but it'll be the one time that LBSU cracks the AVCA Top25 which then falls back out to only RV.
    The Wichita State Tourney will be only okay.
    Creighton and WSU will be ONLY ones to RV in the AVCA Poll (the week prior).

  24. Cindy Luis:

    will get to new thread on scores in a second.
    23: P&G, doubt very seriously if The Beach is going to rebound against the Bruins or maybe even this season. When Shoji was discussing how bad that loss to Air Force by the 49ers was prior to last night's match with me and Ann, I mentioned that Hampton was out, not sure if she was coming back. When I spoke with Gimmillaro Tuesday, didn't sound as if he knew whether it was season ending or not.

  25. Cindy Luis:

    As for Croson .... couple of comments above that came up during my discussion with Rubio earlier this week. Particularly what could be construed 'conspiracy theories.'

    It was NOT part of the release agreement.
    It IS Rubio's decision, based on what he believes best for his player.
    He also did mention the word 'distraction' so this decision eliminates that.

    I did say tell him I thought the fans would treat her with respect and it wouldn't be a bunch of boos or nasty comments. however, that being said, no guarantee of some negativity happening.

    Last thing he said to me was, "it's the coach's decision and this is what's been decided.'

  26. Purple&Green:

    It's temp. Cind. I lookd into it myself.
    Since Tuesday, she's been resting; Since Tuesday, Joy Miley (FR) has been in the lineup.
    They lost to Miami today.

    While I don't think that UCLA is all THAT good this season, I do believe that among the usual 'old school' powers they are just about even with UH/LBS--with Hampton.
    *They only get better as the season progresses, however. Fans in Hawaii need to realize what BCS competition is all about. It does sooo much for a program. Mid-majors are the "havenots" and in the end it all alignes toward my proclimation(s)..watch and see.

    IF Megan was setting full-time, things might be different.

    I still contend that UH loses tonight, LBS wins on the 18th, and UH splits with LBS this season at some pt.

  27. Warriorfan:

    Even when healthy Hampton was NOT playing at a high level, hitting just above .200 for a middle which is horrible.

  28. Warriorfan:

    As for as Croson too bad I would have liked to see her play in person one last time.

  29. Cindy Luis:

    Today The Beach def. San Francisco 3-2, lost to Miami 3-2

  30. Cindy Luis:

    27 WF, has Hampton ever been 'healthy'? coming off shoulder surgery that kept her out last year.

  31. Cindy Luis:

    22. dont know if Ferrell graduated but she is done with her playing eligibility.
    see new score thread.

  32. Vbfan:

    LBSU is not that good this year
    Hawaii should beat them twice. That win against Illinois is looking like it was a fluke.

  33. Cindy Luis:

    32. Perhaps. didn't think Illinois was that good. The Beach def. the Illini in Illinois' second match of the day in that tournament after UI beat Florida State

  34. Cindy Luis:

    6. The 'out of respect to Shoji' was asked of me to delay posting that Croson would not be here next week. Rubio did not want to take away what was Shoji's special night with a discussion about Croson.
    I chose to honor that.
    If Shoji hasn't gotten the record last night, or even tonight, I would have held off until after tonight's match to say something.

  35. Warriorfan:

    30. I think you may be right and that she hasn't fully recovered. Young lady just can't stay healthy enough to live up to that potential she showed as a freshmen.

  36. Haolebob:

    I completely agree that, the coaches reason to not bring Jane was that it would be a major distraction. But part of that shows a fear that he also probably did not feel that the greeting from the Hawai'i fans was going to be all hugs and kisses. I read, on this message board that all Hawai'i fans are not that forgiving, by that I mean the negative comments that were directed towards one of the present Wahine about her not playing on a day forbidden by her religion. Everyone of us is responsible for our own behavior and must be given the respect for those decisions. I do believe that 90 percent of the Hawai'i would have respected Jane 's decision to transfer, but the screams of the fans that would rather criticize are louder than those that would welcome Jane back with open arms. Myself, I would rather cheer positive play rather than boo mistakes, but much too often I find that my way of treating this kind of event is not the way of the masses. As always " GO BOWS "!!!