Volley Shots

Hawaii 3, UTEP 0

August 31st, 2013

Starting: Adolpho, Hartong, Uiato, Manu-Olevao, Longo, Long and Taylor.

guessing you'll see Goodman and Kastl get some playing tonight as they prep for Sunday's match when they don't have Manu-Olevao.

be back in a bit. have to send in a short story from first match.

would give you the link for live stats. but not working for me. UH up 3-1

47 Responses to “Hawaii 3, UTEP 0”

  1. Dedicatedfan:

    My favorite referee, Denise Hanson, who I consider Hawaii's Best Referee.

  2. Cindy Luis:

    UH up early 15-11 at the TTO.

  3. RedZone:

    stats working now.

  4. RedZone:

    Taylor hitting .714.

  5. Dedicatedfan:

    One thing about Nikki Taylor, she does not swing wildly, keeps the ball in play, when she swings.

  6. Cindy Luis:

    thanks RZ. UH wins 25-20. UTEP made things interesting toward the end, closing to 21-20. UH pulls away with a 4-0 run, 2 kills by Taylor, one from Manu-Olevao and ace from Longo

  7. Cindy Luis:

    Kastl and Tuaniga both in to start Set 2.
    thanks DF. got it.

  8. Cindy Luis:

    Stats from Set 1 UH hit .342 to UTEP's 176. Taylor 5-0-7, Vorster 2-0-4, Manu-Olevao 2-0-3, Hartong 5-1-16, Adolpho 2-2-5, Goodman 1-1-3. 2 aces, 5 SEs, 19 digs, 5 by Longo, 2 blocks.
    UTEP 1 aces, 2 SE, 14 digs, 1 block.

  9. Dedicatedfan:

    UTEP has no answer for Nikki Taylor.

  10. Cindy Luis:

    Adolpho the other middle this set. NV on UTEP and a lift make it 7-3 UH lead.

  11. Dedicatedfan:

    Taylor has 10 kills, no errors.

  12. Cindy Luis:

    Adolpho on the step-out, makes it 15-10 at the TTO

  13. Dedicatedfan:

    Hope Nikki Taylor never wakes up, definitely not playing like a freshman.

  14. Cindy Luis:

    Tuaniga and Uiato on the block. it's 20-13. TO UTEP.

  15. Dedicatedfan:

    Looks like Ginger Long in for Nikki Taylor.

  16. Dedicatedfan:

    Wahine win Set 2, 25-15.

  17. Dedicatedfan:

    Did we lose Cindy?

  18. Dedicatedfan:

    Kastl, and Long, starting in the 3rd set.

  19. Dedicatedfan:

    Wonder what happened to Cindy, no where to be found on press row. Only Ann sitting there.

  20. Dedicatedfan:

    5-0 Wahine. UTEP TO.

  21. Dedicatedfan:

    Hope Cindy is ok.

  22. RedZone:

    Stat feed down again.

  23. Dedicatedfan:

    Tuaniga, playing for Adolpho, in the 3rd set.

  24. Dedicatedfan:

    Do not even see Cindy's laptop. Not like her to leave the SSC like that, hope everything is ok.

  25. Dedicatedfan:

    With Ponce entering the set, I believe that everyone that is in uniform has played, tonight.

  26. Dedicatedfan:

    Olevao, in for Hartong.

  27. Dedicatedfan:

    22-9 Wahine. UTEP TO.

  28. Dedicatedfan:

    Match point, 24-10. Wahine win in 3 Sets, 25-10. Hit by Kastl.

  29. Dedicatedfan:

    Like I mentioned earlier, hope everything is OK with Cindy. Not like her to leave the Arena like that. Normally, she would say something.

  30. John:

    Great job tonight by the Wahine. Glad to see the bench get some playing time. Definitely gonna need Kastl tomorrow night. Ginger played well. A couple of blocks and kills. Tomorrow will be a tough match so hope the girls get their rest.

    Go Bows!!

  31. Cindy Luis:

    Hawaii wins 25-20, 25-15, 15-10
    wireless down. ethernet didn't work. apologies to all
    Match lasted 82 minutes
    Highlights at the moment 'cause I don't know how long this access will work
    Hartong 14-2-31 in 3 sets. Taylor 10-0-13 in 2 sets
    Long 15 digs in 3 sets.
    All 16 of UH's roster players were used. Kastl 9-3-18 in 2 sets.
    UH hit 474, including 769 in Set 2. 20-0-26.
    outdug UTEP 52-28
    3 aces, 6 SEs. UTEP 1 ace, 5 SEs.
    will recap from home.

  32. Dedicatedfan:

    Thank goodness, everything is ok, with you. Was worried for awhile.

  33. rayson:

    Boring match tonight. Tomorrow should be more exciting. The Wahine better not take San Diego lightly. They're a dangerous team and they came to play.

  34. Dedicatedfan:

    33. I do not think that will happen, especially after the way USD played against Texas.

  35. Dedicatedfan:

    I believe Dave Shoji now has the player who can get him another National Championship. That player is Nikki Taylor. It will be fun to watch her grow, and improve, throughout this season.

  36. kaleiboy:

    What is Dave's current won/lost record? anyone?

  37. Cindy Luis:

    36 he is 1,105-184-1.
    1 win away from tying Banachowski. 2 wins from having the record for himself

  38. Cindy Luis:

    33. have been saying for a couple of weeks now that Shoji is concerned with USD. he's not taking them lightly and neither will the team.

  39. Dedicatedfan:

    Shoji will need another BIG night from Nikki Taylor. Also, a good night from Adolpho. Hartong cannot carry the Team by herself. Just do not see Kastl putting up BIG numbers.

  40. Dedicatedfan:

    USD is very scrappy, with very good Middles. The Wahine Middles need to have a very good match.

  41. John:

    It was good to see the bench get some playing time. Thought Long and came in and played solid in the 3rd set. I think she got 3 kill no errors and a couple blocks one solo. Not bad.. Hope this gives her confidence and Dave utilizes her more tomorrow night.

  42. Dedicatedfan:

    USD is a little funny, in that, they will still go to their Middles on off plays. So the Wahine need to be aware of that.

  43. Dedicatedfan:

    41. With Olevao not playing, could see Ginger Long, if Kastl faulters.

  44. John:

    At 41, Yep, Long played nicely tonight and has improved from last season. I think playing beach definitely conditions them and helps them develop their skills better.

  45. John:

    Sorry my bad.. I meant at 43. LOL!!

  46. John:

    It`s late and I`m drunk. Time for moi moi. See you guys 2morrow. Go Bows!

  47. Dedicatedfan:

    46. At least your are at home, not having to drive home, if you are truly drunk. 🙂