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Some Top 25 upsets 8-31, Nebraska loses

August 31st, 2013

Kind of giving up on pusting scores for the weekend but

Gonzaga has pushed it to 5 with Washgion. UW Set 5 15-9. wasn't that close. Was 8-3 at one point.

AVCA site is worthless. still has Hawaii idle with Texas only playing USD

but some upsets of note from Saturday (and late Friday)

10 Nebraska lost to Auburn 3-1

13 BYU (which I knew was overrated since their MWC Player of the Year is redshirting in vb to play basketball) lost to 25. Creighton 3-1, lost to Bowling Green 3-2

14. Michigan State lost to Pacific 3-0

16. Purdue lost to No. 4 USC 3-1 (this was Friday), lost to Western Kentucky 3-2

17. Kentucky lost to 18 Florida State 3-0 (Fri), lost to Illinois 3-2

24. Wichita State lost to Arizona State 3-0

51 Responses to “Some Top 25 upsets 8-31, Nebraska loses”

  1. AniMatsuri:

    Looks like that article is treating the Hawaii win as a minor fluke. Also kind of like "look! Barry Bonds got 5 home runs" while burying the headline that the Giants lost the game in the end.