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No. 1 Texas 3, San Diego 2

August 31st, 2013

Sorry for the late start. Had a really nice chat with former 'Bow Carlos Briceno, whose stepdaughter  (No. 1 for USD) is playing for the Toreros.

many of you probably watching the match. Texas not looking very good. They were using their freshman setter. Not sure why but

USD has looked good but Hawaii really needs Texas to win this one, otherwise it does diminish their win over Texas last night in national perception

USD leads 25-19, 18-25, 25-21. Texas up 12-7 in Set 4. My thought this is going 5.

Texas up 13-7. TO USD


48 Responses to “No. 1 Texas 3, San Diego 2”

  1. Maverick:

    Agree a Texas loss diminishes the perception of UH's victory, but at the end of the day, RPI rules and public perception does not factor into the RPI calculation.

  2. vbfan4life:

    well...looks like it is going 5 at this rate. so we will see what happens i guess

  3. Cindy Luis:

    which is why Hawaii needs Texas to keep winning. for the RPI.
    Texas up 18-11. Hawaii match likely wont start until 9.

  4. Dedicatedfan:

    Even if USD ends up defeating Texas. If Texas goes on to defeat Penn St. and Stanford, next week, public perception of the Wahine win will go back up.

  5. Cindy Luis:

    Texas pulling away a 21-14

  6. Cindy Luis:

    Texas in a bit of a bad rotation. USD closes to 22-18. TO UT.

  7. Maverick:

    3. A Texas win or loss tonite will make very little difference to UH's RPI, particularly because UH, SD and Texas are all playing each other. Because SD is a UH opponent, an SD win will offset a Texas loss. It's a wash for 50% of the RPI formula (see my comment on other thread that describes the RPI formula). The only issue is how Texas' and SD's opponents' win loss records end up. If Texas tanks the remainder of the season, a Texas win tonite will be irrelvant for UH's RPI. There is too much focus on Texas when SD is a common opponent. The key is for UH to remain undefeated and hope that Texas' and SD's opponents have good win-loss records.

  8. Cindy Luis:

    uh oh. USD pulls to within 23-22. Texas with wholesale changes, including their regular setter.

  9. Maverick:

    And of course to have Texas and SD both have good years, per your comment.

  10. Cindy Luis:

    Texas up 24-22, 23. it's tied at 24

  11. Cindy Luis:

    Webster over the block. 25-24.

  12. Dedicatedfan:

    Nice catch be Dave.

  13. Dedicatedfan:


  14. Cindy Luis:

    tied at 25 and 26. pretty fun match. not so much if you're a UH fan. who wants to get the party started.
    Texas setter with the dump. up 27-26.

  15. Cindy Luis:

    Great rally. Palmer with 2 amazing digs. USD wins the point to tie it 27.

  16. Cindy Luis:

    ace by USD. Toreros serving for hte match.

  17. Dedicatedfan:

    The Wahine better bring their "A" game when they play USD, tomorrow.

  18. Cindy Luis:

    USD hits into the net on a set that should have been called a lift. Texas serving for the set at 29-28 Webster with a solo, Texas wins 30-28.

  19. Dedicatedfan:

    Cindy, what 8:45, or 9:00, start of Wahine match?

  20. RedZone:

    You called it.

  21. jmy:

    So far this tournament, Texas has looked unimpressive at best...If you look at the players, they seem to have that deer in headlights look when they get down...

  22. Cindy Luis:

    protocol 30 minutes in between matches.

  23. Cindy Luis:

    have said from the beginning that Shoji was concerned about USD.

  24. Maverick:

    17. Agreed, although SD benefits from being Texas' second opponent of the day and third in the last 24 hours. It would be interesting to see how SD performs as Texas' first opponent of the weekend.

  25. Cindy Luis:

    24. yes it will. but Texas-UTEP lasted 72 minutes. not like they were stressed. will ask Elliott why he played who he played. Texas up 8-3 at the changeover.

  26. Maverick:

    Texas appears to be pulling away midway through set 5

  27. Dedicatedfan:

    Sheesh, we waited for the 1st match of the season, now we have to wait for the Wahine, 2nd match of the season, egads.

  28. Dedicatedfan:

    Cindy, looks like someone is going to miss their 10PM deadline, unless the Wahine make quick work of UTEP.

  29. Cindy Luis:

    28. not even worried about deadline. which is 930. I have the capsule on this match. Ann only worried about the Wahine. her deadline is when she gets it in.

  30. Cindy Luis:

    Oh. San Diego closes to 12-8. TO Texas. Now 13-9.

  31. Cindy Luis:

    net serve by USD 14-9

  32. Cindy Luis:

    Webster hits wide. 14-10

  33. Cindy Luis:

    USD serves wide. 15-10. Wahine should start at 9 p.m.

  34. Dedicatedfan:

    Sounds like the Wahine have just hit the floor, by the crowd noise.

  35. Cindy Luis:

    back in a bit. gotta go chat with Texas.

  36. Dedicatedfan:

    Now Texas has to beat Penn St., or Stanford, or both of them, next weekend.

  37. Maverick:

    36. And USD needs to beat its opponents, and UTEP has to beat its opponents...

  38. Maverick:

    Other than UH

  39. Dedicatedfan:

    37. Well, USD faces Iowa St., Illinois, and USC, following this tournament.

  40. Maverick:

    39. We have to root for USD, UTEP, Texas, etc. etc. to keep on winning...that along with UH's winning will have the greatest and most direct impact on UH's RPI, which is the only thing I care about given what happened with last year's non-seeding.

  41. Dedicatedfan:

    40. Well UTEP is suppose to finish 4th in their conference. USD is suppose to finish 2nd, to BYU, but I think, they will win the WCC.

  42. Maverick:

    41. The better UH's opponents perform, the better for UH. I think we are in violent agreement on that.

  43. Dedicatedfan:

    I can see Tuaniga starting in place of Vorster, tomorrow. Only reason, Tuaniga is quicker then Vorster, and would match up better with the USD quick middles.

  44. Dedicatedfan:

    42. Yes, it is starting to look like Dave has put together a really good pre-conference schedule, RPI wise.

  45. Maverick:

    44. I'm really looking forward to the road matches against Wichita St. and Creighton, who I hope have good preseasons.

  46. Dedicatedfan:

    The SSC seems quite full again. Guessing the Hawaii fans, want to be 1st again, in attendance.

  47. Dedicatedfan:

    Hey, the Wahine are the taller team in this match.

  48. Cindy Luis:

    41. BYU will not win the WCC. the two losses showed that today. felt they were overrated and the coaches were unaware that the Cougars wouldn't have their top player back this season. It wasn't that hard to find that out in the preseason.