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Scrimmage recap

August 24th, 2013

Didn't get any stats and the coaches haven't seen the data.

Can tell you that both Shoji and Wong were pleased (didn't speak to Ah Mow)

Shoji said he was very happy about how all of training camp went. Liked their passing today, agreed the middles looked good.

When I mentioned Uiato's side winning all three, he said, Yes, and that's her side should have.

Did ask if he had considered selling tickets to the public for this. He said he had heard Nebraska did and that they sold out. He also agreed with what I mentioned earlier. That Nebraska is making a big push with the new arena so .... He said it might be something to consider next year

Asked about the Think Pink (Dig Pink?) they are looking at getting special jerseys to that is in the works.

They have turned off the lights in the arena. Kind of cool that the only thing you can see is the Net because the light from the tunnel has come through the back risers.

guess the Goodmans' brownies were a huge hit. Shoji said he got the last 'tiny' piece.

Team taking Sunday off. School starts Monday. They will have 1 morning practice M-T. He wasn't sure if they'd go morning or afternoon Tuesday.

Hopefully don't trip on my out.

will check in later.

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  1. Msrpantoja1@Huh.'A'loha:

    VBM Preseason Poll:
    (dated aug.21, 2013)

    1. Texas
    2. Penn State
    3. Stanford
    4. USC
    5. Minnesota
    6. Washington
    7. Michigan
    8. Nebraska
    9. Oregon
    10. Florida
    12. UCLA
    13. Michigan State
    14. BYU
    15. Iowa State
    16. Purdue
    17. Kentucky
    18. Louisville
    19. Florida State
    20. Kansas
    21. San Diego
    22. Wichita State
    23. Ohio State
    24. Western Kentucky
    25. Long Beach State

    Others receiving votes: Oklahoma, North Carolina, San Diego State

  2. Cindy Luis:

    45-46. have said that Shoji would be working with the starting unit beginning Monday. He had said he was close to making a decision. the comments from him from Ann Miller's story today:
    "I'd like to have a clear-cut first team, second team right now," Shoji said. "But we don't."

    By Tuesday, he feels like he has to make some starting calls. No one made it easier Saturday, for the right reasons.

    "Everyone is playing well, so it's difficult to make any decisions now," Shoji shrugged. "Everybody had good days."

    And I have mentioned Shoji's concern over USD, especially since Manu-Olevao will miss the match. He's well aware of how good they are.

  3. Cindy Luis:

    41. Shoji has told us (Ann and I) over the years when he has decided on a starting lineup and when he doesn't. I have known him for over 30 years and I believe him when he tells me something.

    Why do you continue to question in such a negative manor him and those who have covered the team?
    We trust him to tell us the truth, he trusts us that we will be honest in our reporting and write with honesty what has been said. We don't make up quotes.

    No one is a fool for believing the truth, nor should they be called one when they do.

    There will be a starting lineup. And I believe it will more evident Monday.
    This is not a new situation. It's happened many times over the years where he hasn't decided exactly what he will do until the opening week.
    As he has said, he can only play 6 at a time. someone will sit.

  4. Cindy Luis:

    51. thanks we had the poll days ago. someone questioned where I had voted UH. It was No. 9.

  5. Cindy Luis:

    38. glad Stauber is settling in. Sealy was happy she was able to get out of the commitment to Santa Clara to transfer.

  6. Dedicatedfan:

    Cindy, I would rather be in Shoji's position when it comes to not really having a clear cut 1st team, in certain positions. That means, the players in those positions are really close, and that, there would not be a real drop off in talent, between the two players. Whereas, if you had a clear cut 1st team, it only means, the talent on the 2nd team is not quite were the 1st team is, so there would be a slight drop off in talent if you need them.

  7. Cindy Luis:

    48. As for the borderline racist suggestion as to who Shoji 'needs' to recruit. He has had plenty of A-A players on the roster and they didn't even make the final four. You cannot compare how nationally now with how the sport is being run now as opposed to the 1980s when UH last won 3 titles.
    Are you dismissing the greatness of Kim Willoughby? They made two final fours with her. Danielson is half A-A, they made one final four.
    And that has been despite how UH has been seeded and treated by the selection committed. It isn't that the Wahine teams haven't been good enough to win a national title, it's just tough to get there out of a mid-major conference when the odds are stacked in the favor (with numbers) of the BCS ones. The ridiculous regional in Honolulu with UH, USC (Nebraska was upset in the elite eight or would have been out here) is a prime example.

  8. Wise Mary:

    Steve's logic is not sound.

    All Hawaii national titles had a Hawaiian on the team (caucasians, and so forth). Kim Willoughby's freshman year and senior year had Hawaiians, Caucasians, and Asians on them.

    If the rationale is that "Afro-Americans" brought Hawaii to the national finals, what does that say about the other races and ethnicities that were a SIGNIFICANT part of those national final teams?

    Skill, athleticism, team chemistry, heart, and at least an All American honoree are much needed ingredients. Race and ethnicity not relevant.

    Wise Mary

  9. Dedicatedfan:

    Cindy, if I recall correctly, the last time Dave Shoji, and the Wahines, had these many seniors, was in 1987, the last time they won a National Championship. That team had one great leader, in Tita Ahuna, and a lot of good roll players, plus a really good freshman, in Tee Williams. This year's team kind of reminds me of that team, in a lot of ways. If you go position by position, it is kind of spooky how close this year's team is to that last National Championship team. The only thing in question, is the heart. That National Championship Team had a LOT OF HEART. Does this team have that kind of heart, it will be interesting to see, and find out, throughout this season.

  10. setaone:

    59. Willoughby and Kahumoku's senior year also had 7 seniors. They made it to the Final Four that year.

  11. 808:

    59: The 2003 team, like this year's team, had seven seniors.

  12. Cindy Luis:

    60-61. Thanks for getting to the answer first. 2003 had 7 seniors as well as 83. 2003. ended with an uninspired loss to Florida in Dallas, Kamana'o's freshman year.

  13. Cindy Luis:

    58. yes, the logic if you can call it that was a reach. Hawaii's roster has long been one of diversity. and the bottom line is heart to go along with the talent.

  14. 808:

    63: and a little luck of the draw doesn't hurt.

  15. Dedicatedfan:

    60,61, & 62, I come up with only 6 seniors for 2003: Lauren Duggins, Lily Kahumoku, Karin Lundquist, Nohea Tano, Melissa Villaroman, and Kim Willoughby. Who am I missing, just asking. Not trying to start anything.

    By the way, I am wrong, the 1987 National Championship Team only had 4 seniors: Tita Ahuna, Suzanne Eagye, Mahina Eleneki, and Diana Jessie. But these 4 seniors all came in together and played 4 years together. They were also, undersized, with the exception of Eagye.

    Like that 1987 team, this year's team has 4 seniors who have been here through it all, Emily Hartong, Kristiana Tuaniga, Keala Goodman, and Mita Uiato.

    That 2003 team had a lot of talent, but did not quite have the heart, as the uninspired loss to Florida showed. That 1987 team did NOT have all the talent in the world, with the exception of a couple of players, BUT that team had a whole lot of heart to make up for the talent.

    Dave Shoji will find out real quickly how much HEART this year's team has. Even if the Wahine lose to Texas, if they fight, and scrap, all the way to the bitter end. The sky is the limit for this team.

  16. Cindy Luis:

    83 had 7 seniors.

  17. Cindy Luis:

    65. you're missing Maja Gustin

  18. Purple&Green:


    2x @ OH (Teee, Diana)
    2x @ MB (Suzanne, Karrie)
    @ OPP (Tita)
    @ Setter (Martina)

    The whole 1st team--I'd say--was the cream of the NATIONAL crop.

  19. roofer68:

    Cindy a pleasure finally meeting you. Wanted to introduce myself a while back and yesterday the timing was right. You and Ann are doing a great job, dealing with a few human negatives and the odd and amount of hours you both put in. Personally from me, all of both of your works are very much appreciated.

  20. 1983:

    FWIW Hawaii went to three final fours with Willoughby: 2000(Nebraska), 2002(Stanford) and 2003(Florida). Finishing each of those seasons in the national semifinals.

  21. Cindy Luis:

    68. P&G not sure where you got your info But ....
    Williams a 3x first team A-A 87-89, 2x national player of the year 87 & shared it in 89 with Tara Cross
    Jessie second team A-A 87
    Eagye 2x first team A-A 86, 87
    Trieschman first team A-A 89, 90 wasn't an all-American in 87 or 88
    Ahuna (won't call her a true OPP) Second team A-A in 85, 86, not in 87, although she was A-A at the USVBA tournament
    Cincerova second team A-A, 88, not 87. very much a surprise at that one

  22. Cindy Luis:

    DF & P&G
    If you need to check anything, such as the years players played and All-America awards, the UH media guide is online on hawaiiathletics.com the wahine volleyball page on the right. Although it looks it is 2012 and not 2013 yet.
    70. UH was the most successful team in terms of W-Ls between 2000-2004 nationally. 31-2, 29-6, 34-2, 26-2, 30-1, 3 final fours. the only thing eluding them was a title.