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Photo day II

August 16th, 2013
Getting ready for official team photo

Getting ready for official team photo

Medium size photo that doesn't get buried by the ad.

33 Responses to “Photo day II”

  1. LC:

    original size link.


  2. Cubicle1126:

    team usa defeated japan in a world grand prix pool match today (3-1). and tama was awarded player of the match! great for her!

  3. Warriorfan:

    Why isn't Kanani invited for this?? She is a much better all around outside than Hill. Hopefully she will get to play for the national team soon. Would be fun to see her and Murphy together like the old days on the junior national team.

  4. Dedicatedfan:

    Some of the players look happy about taking a team photo, others looking bored with it, namely the seniors are the ones that are looking bored. Thinking, they have been through it for 4 years already, just take the picture so we can get on with whatever we want to do. LOL

  5. Cindy Luis:

    3. WF Kanani chose not to attend open tryouts, it wasn't by invitation. Her decision was to concentrate on her pro season. Lot of players didn't come in. it's so early in the quadrennium. the Olympis are 3 more years so a number of players with experience weren't involved in training camp.

    4. DF, it was a candid shot that I took while they were waiting for things to happen. no need to read too much into it.

  6. Cindy Luis:

    2. thanks Cubi see new thread.

  7. Dedicatedfan:

    Cindy, that is way I ended it with LOL.

  8. LC:

    Most of the team is focused on what is going on in front of them with a few exceptions.

    Longo and Hartong's crossed arms indicates mild boredom with what is transpiring in front of them.

    Tai's clasped hands below her waist indicates seeking reassurance,a barrier signal. For those of you who don't know Tai hates having her picture taken according to her own teammates, her facial expression is also conveying that.

    Ginger Long flipping her hair and looking away is one of the easiest according to body language experts, it's called notice me.This is consider to be a signal from the female to someone present that she finds attractive, likes or could be interested in.

    Adolpho is talking to Kayla Kawamura in the back row who finds what she is saying funny.Nikki Taylor is listening but either doesn't get it or is trying to comprehend it.

    Vorster and Kastl are engaged in a conversation overheard by the Goodman sisters, you interpret what the Goodman's are thinking.The relationship between one of the Goodman sisters and Kastl isn't .......

    Mendoza is goofy, she's just being herself.

    Tuaniga is napping.

  9. Cindy Luis:

    LC, again, randomly taken photo by me.

  10. LC:

    Yes I know but what does that have to do with anything ?

  11. Dedicatedfan:

    Cindy, do you really know what you are seeing, I am starting to wonder about you as a reporter. Need to really see things. There are stories there, and every where, if you just spend the time to look.

  12. hollycow:

    Oh Brother!!!

  13. po'okela:

    over analyzing a photo, idiots.

  14. Cindy Luis:

    11. and what stories would that be?
    I took a random photo. that's what I see.
    end of story.

    Heading out to practice. Be back later

  15. Dedicatedfan:

    Cindy, why waste your time going to practice, when all you say is, "nothing new to report". You can just as easily do that from your couch at home.

  16. Cindy Luis:

    going to practice is part of my job.
    Have discussed what has been going on, who is doing what, what drills. etc.
    Obviously you missed that 'reporting.'

  17. haleiwacrossfitter:

    BAN HIM!!

    DF, Don't read her blog then if you get nothing out of it. BEAT IT!!

  18. hollycow:

    15. Oh Brother #2 !!!!!

  19. Dedicatedfan:

    Cindy, so yesterday they just had photo day, no practice?

  20. Cubicle1126:

    haven't you all learned by now .... if cindy is not posting what dedicatedfan wants to hear, then she's clearly not doing her job!! this blog is supposed to revolve around him...


  21. Dedicatedfan:

    Just keeping Cindy on her toes, do not want her to get lazy. 🙂

  22. surfboy:

    Cindy, youre doing GREAT as a reporter! Appreciate all the info you have passed on! Thanks again!

  23. Beauston:

    Newsflash 21 unless Cindy's paycheck comes from you, its really none of your business "keeping her on her toes".
    And just when you think anyone here gives a flippin finger to anything you post, coz im pretty sure you think your funny... Let me just clarify that we don't care about anything you post ALL idiotic and moronic of them as much as we do with Cindy's insights.

    So do me and the rest of us a favor, go back to VT and stay there.

  24. Dedicatedfan:

    Newsflash 22, part of Cindy's paycheck does come from me. If we all did not subscribe to the StarAdvertiser, do you think Cindy would have a job? It is all the subscribers who pay for Cindy's and every one else on the StarAdvertiser paycheck.

  25. Beauston:

    My subscription pays for the content that I read- readership. Advertisements pays the people who produce the content.

    Your subscription does not warrant Cindy or the rest of us to be tortured by your idiotic low life posts.
    Oh and dont bother I think Cindy is pretty much done with you.

  26. Dedicatedfan:

    Without the readership subscriptions, and people buying the paper, do you think there would be a whole lot of advertisements? I would think not. Why do you think the Advertiser disappeared, was it because they had a lot of subscribers?

  27. Beauston:

    While your at it, go after Obama next. As a tax payer, he technically works for you too. Please tell him Obamacare sucks and and I want a refund!


  28. Dedicatedfan:

    Why should I, agree with anything Obama does. You must be an idiotic Republican. Wanting the rich to get richer, do not care about the Middle Income, or below, people. Letting the rich not pay their share of the taxes.

  29. vballfreak808:

    Really don't understand what Cindy is doing wrong, she technically does not have to do this blog for us so we should be lucky and not complain. Dedicatedfan I suggest you take your suggestions to other blogs that will actually take them.

  30. Dedicatedfan:

    Finally, a sane person, in vballfreak808.

  31. Cindy Luis:

    Do not want to get into a war over who pays my salary. it's a combination of subscriptions and ad revenues. People buy the paper for various reasons, content and ads.
    29. I suppose technically I don't have to do this blog. I was given it as a service to our readers. I do not get paid extra and it does take up a lot of my time. Sometimes too much.

    19. they practice twice. Thought I mentioned i had other things to do, such as a story I was writing for Sunday's paper on the Duke's OceanFest so wasn't going to the second practice. Because of photo day and summer school, they did photo a 8 a.m., practiced 9-12 and 530-8

    26. The Advertiser didn't disappear. There's a reason it's called the Star-Advertiser.
    It was a business decision by Gannett to sell the Advertiser to the Star-Bulletin's owner. The Advertiser had the larger circulation due to a number of factors that goes back to the 90s and issues with the Joint Operating Agreement which was initially established to save the Advertiser and keep two editorial voices (newspapers) in Hawaii.
    The Star-Bulletin was considered the surviving paper and we hired from them. It was not a merger. Not all the Advertiser staff was hired.

  32. Cindy Luis:

    And thank you all for the kind words. Just doing my job.

  33. volleyball fan:

    Cindy, please keep doing your job. I always look forwards to your blogs. Don't let anyone else tell you otherwise.