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Toyota Auto Body fills the Sept. 25 slot

July 18th, 2013

As mentioned earlier, the Wahine were tentatively scheduled to play a Japanese team on Sept. 25. it's an exhibition right after the Wahine return from Wichita tourney and before they start Big West.

thanks to roofer for noticing that UH made it official on the schedule with Toyota Auto Body, the team they played last year. The Queenseis.

Kanani Danielson was unable to play for them against the Wahine last year because her contract didn't begin until the next week. But she should be playing this time.

11 Responses to “Toyota Auto Body fills the Sept. 25 slot”

  1. setaone:

    I forget, was the match last year competitive?

  2. LC:

    Interesting scores against this team last year,22-25,25-22,25-22,25-22

  3. Cindy Luis:

    I thought it was very competitive. Thanks LC.

  4. Hot:

    Is Katie Spieler on sand volleyball scholarship or did she transfer/retire?

  5. Grammy:

    Seems like Coach Dave has used games against Japanese teams to drive home to his teams that tenacious defense can win points and games and shorter hitters can be affective and get kills against taller blocks with quick sets that are smartly distributed across the net and make use of all available hitters. Also that their 'never give up attitude' and 'never let the ball touch floor on your side of court' can frustrate taller teams leading to risk taking and high risk shots by some players (score now vs. grind out the point rallies). I'm sure Kanani will show off her total package of skills for us again and am looking forward to the return of another Wahine star to the SSC. Go Wahine!

  6. Ron:

    I am looking forward to seeing two of the top ten all-time Wahine women play against each other. Emily vs Kanani!

  7. mainlandgal:

    Hot: Spieler left indoor (I don't believe she was ever on scholarship indoor) and is playing Sand only (and I believe no Sand scholarship either), just a personal choice.

  8. Cindy Luis:

    7. thanks MG. was just about to post the same comment. She was never really in the mix for indoor, a late addition as a walk-on who had a foot issue during the season. She was pretty much a sand player. Don't believe she's on scholarship there either.
    5. As for Japanese teams, there is a long history between UH and teams from Japan going back to the 80s. it will be nice to see Danielson back.

  9. Hot:

    Thanks mainlandgal! I thought she had a good spring and expected her to see time on the court this season.

  10. Hot:

    Cindy, I don't think Spieler was a late addition. Wasn't there a bit of excitement over her when it was known that she was walking on (this was before the fall try outs)? She was an experienced beach and some of the posters here were crowning her the next libero. I believe the late addition was Katiana Ponce.

  11. Cindy Luis:

    by late addition I meant late spring commit. It was early April when she committed. was not confusing her with Ponce. '-)