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Congrats to 4 Warriors, Reyes, Sakaida all-academic MPSF

May 24th, 2013

Taylor Averill, Johann Timmer, Matthew Cheape and Harriors Phelps all named to the MPSF all-academic team. As was Kamehameha grad Jaylen Reyes, libero for BYU, and 'Iolani grad Scott Sakaida, Stanford libero.

UH the only school not to release GPAs of the players but they had to have at least a 3.0.


68 Responses to “Congrats to 4 Warriors, Reyes, Sakaida all-academic MPSF”

  1. setaone:

    As for sand "commits", doesnt always equate to sand scholarships.

  2. mainlandgal:

    Very true setaone.

  3. Warriorfan:

    50. Mainlandgal can you name those 16? I only count 8 returnees (Tiegs, mount, Zalopany, Urban, Miyashita, Johnson, Riggs and Spieler) and 5 recruits (Delgado,Chow,Shinn, Cook and Tucker) So missing three more.

  4. LC:

    When Dave talked about who might replace the girl who just left he mentioned,Goodman, Long, Tai, Kastl and Taylor and no one from the sand team.If someone from sand was being considered he would have said so.

  5. dedicatedfan:

    He also mentioned that none of those 5 girls have the all-around game and knowledge that Jane did. It will take 2 or 3 of them to replace her.

  6. Warriorfan:

    Well at least those five wanna be here!

  7. vballfreak808:

    mainlandgal mentioned that it would be a fight to make the top 10 for the travel team and I hope Wong is going to take 11 or 12 because I don't think he is going to want to forfeit a match like Pepperdine had to the do in the championships because of injury.

    Also I know Koelsch is a sand recruit but she would be good for indoors. Yes she is setting now because Kelsey Humphreys is training with the Junior National Team and Kyra Goodman is injured.

  8. Warriorfan:

    I'd prefer they let the sand players be sand players and go out and recruit overlooked indoor girls, or get transfers/foreigners.

  9. mauna:

    As late as it is the foreigners are out there. Stanford just announced a Croatian OH for 2013.

  10. LC:

    Dave said what ? LOL 2 or 3 to replace Croson.The interview is still on ESPN 1420 and I never heard anything like that said but I will listen to it again.

    We need to stop this pathetic over the top adoration for players . All we do is fill their heads with crap then they turn into primadonnas with bigger than life egos.

  11. dedicatedfan:

    LC, I am not for Croson, and not against the Wahines. I am still hoping, praying, that 2 of the following 3 players, Kastl, Olevao, and Taylor, can really step up and perform, this coming season. As proven last year, the Wahines cannot just ride the arm of Hartong, if they want a chance to win a National Championship. If 2 of those 3 girls, really steps up their game, they do have a legitimate chance to win a National Championship, if not, then it will be somewhat like last year.

  12. Hot:

    Steve, your posts her and on VT say otherwise. Croson is gone and that's it. Yes, she contributed a lot on offense, defense and passing. But she was also a weak blocker and her hitting percentage has been among the lowest of the UH left sides in years, with the exception of Waber and Ferrell. So UH loses their second most prolific attacker and digger, but along with her departure goes the erratic play, inconsistencies and drama. Someone will just have to step in and replace her, and UH will move on.

  13. vballfreak808:

    Is Croson allowed to play sand at her next school for the next coming season?

  14. Warriorfan:

    I doubt she got a realease from beach volleyball coaches either. She will probably have to sit out both seasons next year.

  15. setaone:

    Seeing she wasn't a sand scholie does the coaching staff have the ability to block her from playing sand next year?

  16. mainlandgal:

    I believe Croson will have to sit out a full season for both indoor and sand. She competed as a member of the team during preseason and season, therefor is exempt from play for a year.
    Lets all move on to the upcoming seasons of both indoor and sand. There's a lot to look forward to, amazing players returning, new players coming in and less drama to zap out the fun!!!

  17. Cindy Luis:

    63. I believe she is eligible to play sand at the next school IF she is academically eligible. she has to attain junior status to play sand. Don't know if she passes this semester. It did sound as if she wasn't attending classes, if you read between the lines, such as 'left off the travel squad to concentrate on academics.'
    She doesn't need a release from the sand team because she was not on scholarship.

  18. Cindy Luis:

    1. sorry i overlooked this.

    Not sure if Tuileta deserved to be named the best. Thought he was the MVP of the state tournament but the voting was for the entire season. My vote would have been for Evan Enriques again. But I didn't have a vote.