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Warriors 2nd to BYU in attendance again

May 18th, 2013

Kind of old news but worth discussing.

Second year in a row that BYU is ahead of UH in national attendance

Numbers, according to the NCAA, for the Top 20

1. BYU — 3,019
2, Hawai’i — 2,735
3. UC Irvine — 911
4. Long Beach State — 898
5. Pepperdine — 890
6. UCLA — 829
7. Lewis — 801
8. Ball State — 767
9. Penn State — 714
10. Stanford — 649
11. Cal State Northridge — 662
12, USC — 578
13. Ohio State — 568
14. Cal Baptist — 558
15. UC San Diego — 445
16. IPFW — 435
17. Loyola — 401
18. UC Santa Barbara — 396
19. George Mason — 280
20. Mount Olive — 275

36 Responses to “Warriors 2nd to BYU in attendance again”

  1. jmy:

    Numbers for men's volleyball in general are pathetic...UH needs to rethink how much they charge for MVB seats...

  2. Warriorfan:

    eh UH and BYU do better than 95 percent of the women's teams. I expect UH to be number 1 when they have a top 5 team again, hopefully next season.

  3. Purple&Green:

    Wong/"Beach" WILL be da (wo)manz on campus.
    ..theyll be takin' da reins, mark my words!

    MVB stands to ONLY make it back mid-MPSF moving forward.

    Goodluck, tho.

  4. Cindy Luis:

    3. I'm assuming you mean that you think sand volleyball attendance will overtake that of UH men's. Not happening unless they build an sand arena that holds 3,000. which we know isn't happening.
    Agree WF, that if UH starts winning again, they'll be back in the lead. They led the nation in attendance every year except for the past 2.
    What has hurt the attendance IMHO is the switch of high school boys volleyball to spring. schools used to bring both their girls and boys teams to watch UH men. now the boys are playing on many of the same nights UH is playing.
    1. but I do think they could lower the prices for men's vb.
    numbers have always been pathetic in comparison to SOME women's programs. One statistic that sticks in my mind is UH men drew more in one year (1996) than San Diego State did in the 20 years of the program's existence before they dropped the program.

  5. vballfreak808:

    Dang the softball team lost to Washington in Seattle too. I guess not a lucky place for Hawaii fans

  6. Warriorfan:

    Wahine volleyball was at least close though.

  7. dedicatedfan:

    Warriorfan, close only counts in the game of horseshoes.

  8. Purple&Green:

    It's a good thing, imo, that Sunahara is where he is with USAV.
    He COULD slam together--easily--a touring team of eight to nine girls from SoCal..'beach' players even IF must, tho, say as young as someone like May-Treanor perhaps.

    The 'tour' COULD be one which'd have some stop(s) @ three or four institutions particularly toward the end of the 2013 indoor's season--as a preperation for schools&the NCAAs.

    Hmm. UH happens to have such a date available on Friday, Nov. 15, 2013.

    UH, LBSU, BYU, and Cal State San Bernardino? would GREATLY benefit I MUST say!!
    Some body make it happen!

  9. Warriorfan:

    Just saw on volleytalk about new wahine recruit Emily Maglio from Canada, Looks VERY impressive. I guess Scott Wong can recruit afterall.
    Her and Kalei look like they can help right away.

  10. Warriorfan:

    Actually I like all of Scott's recruits, Guinasso and Kahakai will really help shore up the backrow.

  11. vballfreak808:

    Hawaii loves Emily's!

  12. Msrpantoja1@Huh.'A'loha:

    Just saw on the internet, not intranet, but the w.w.w., about new recruits?, via Comcast connnections, Pamela Soriano & Galia Gonzalez from Copa Latina. Looks to be, at the VERY least a 'requirement' as a mere thought of possibility(s), impressive. I know Scott Wong can recruit period.

    HC: The Brazilian Wagner Pacheco

    Viva la Portugal!!

  13. Cubicle1126:

    wow very interesting ... would Emily Maglio be the first Canadian recruit for the Wahine?

  14. Warriorfan:

    12.What the hell?? anyway

    I don't ever remember the wahine having a canadian player before, but Canada has been very good to the UH men, all the canadians that have come over have been amazing players, Carere, Muise, Hunt and Sedore.

  15. meimei:

    Awesome to hear about the new recruits ~ Yay !!!!!

  16. Cubicle1126:

    @Huh -- what does "at the VERY least a 'requirement' as a mere thought of possibility(s)" mean?

  17. Msrpantoja1@Huh.'A'loha:

    IF Shoji/Wong/Ah Mow-Santos visits this blog, the aforementioned athletes should be debated.

    Wagner Pacheco SHOULD also be considered, as Shoji is gone in 2015. The world has its collective eye on him; he's doing good things internationally. UH would be wise to scoop him up before some other country does.

  18. 2chainz:


  19. rayson:

    Someone posted the link to a video from Fox Sports West about Dave Shoji:


  20. Purple&Gold:

    Ah, there's the rub.
    He's DA man; genuine celebrity, imo.
    Too bad he's retiring soon.
    as He's a family (non 'rainbow' type ;-)) man..
    Kawika should be the next one married with babies on the way.
    Grandpa (and grandma) I'm certain will be kept most busy.
    Uiato, S1
    Higgins, S2

    Vorster, M1
    Tuaniga, M2
    Mitchem, M3

    Hartong, Opp1
    Goodman, Opp2
    Taylor, Opp3

    Longo, Libero1
    Lelepali, DS/Lb2

    Kastl, OH1
    Manu-Olevao, OH2
    Passi, OH3

  21. cluis:

    14. they've had a canadian before.
    Sue Hlvenka comes to mind.
    8. P&G, you do know that CSU San Bernardino is a DII school, right?

  22. Hightop:

    Candy Kane was also from Canada.

  23. Purple&Gold:

    " He walked by and said hi while I was finishing up.
    Asked him a few things "

    On Hagins ... kind of surprised. He said he had let some of the potential recruits go because they were done with recruiting at that point

    " Middles ... They aren't going to bring in anyone else. Done with recruiting for 13.

    Think that's about it. "

    W-H-A-T T-H-E H-E-C-K!
    & again I say, Are there in fact brief chats with Shoji transpiring??

  24. mauna:

    TIFWIW, Jane has teamed up with Brittany Tiegs for a sand tournament this Saturday at Hermosa Beach. This is somewhat a positive for Wahine fans since Tiegs is eligible to play in 2014 for UH.

  25. ladida:

    23. Would Shoji still say he's done if a Anne Mitchem academically eligible called tomorrow and asked if she could join them for Fall 2013?

  26. 2chainz:

    b/c some thought UH was a possibility...

    Adora Anae to Utah.

  27. cluis:

    23. that chat with shoji happened months ago while I was at a men's vb game.
    25. she could always walk on. when I said he was done with recruiting, it was in terms of scholarships. but, again, that was months ago.

  28. Warriorfan:

    26. Nice player I just don't think UH offered.

  29. LC:

    I think you should consider getting some new sources Cindy.It appears that you may have gotten some bad info about Monica unless she is just playing a game with everyone.

  30. Warriorfan:

    29? are you talking about that post on volleytalk that Monica is going to UCLA? Kinda makes sense she Sealy recruited her and UCLA lost Strelow.

  31. LC:

    Yes, She also says it on her Facebook acct under "Studies At."

  32. dedicatedfan:

    Wow, the Wahine could be facing to former teammates when they face UCLA and Arizona.

  33. dedicatedfan:

    The Wahine could be facing to former teammates when they face UCLA and Arizona.

  34. vballfreak808:

    Averill, Timmer, Cheape, and Phelps all make the MPSF All-Academic Selections


    Sakaida from Stanford and Reyes from BYU also on that list

  35. Cubicle1126:

    congrats to the players on the all-MPSF-academic teams!

  36. Cindy Luis:

    29. LC, my sources were correct at the time I posted it. Obvioulsy things changed.
    It does make sense since Sealy did recruit her Guess they needed another setter quickly. Strehlow has transferred to Pepperdine.
    Moenoa a junior. There had been a rumor that Moenoa was leaving a while back but she played sand volleyball this spring.