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Stauber to Santa Clara
May 13th, 2013

Appears Stauber will be up at Santa Clara next season. Heard about this last week, been working on confirming it. A good source has.

Interesting since there were three other setters on the 2012 Bronco roster, all underclassmen.

Anderson, a junior, with 827 assists, Heier, a sophomore, with 588

Sophomore Sliger played in 10 sets.

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  1. vballfreak808:

    This would be an interesting transfer. Heier just transferred to Santa Clara from Marquette in 2012. Most likely one or two of those setters are transferring out since two will be juniors and one a senior and Stauber will be a junior.

    But good luck to Stauber if she goes. Just wondering, how did you find this out Cindy?

  2. Cindy Luis:

    VBF, spent a lot of time in the gym surrounded by volleyball and random conversations last week.
    Stauber should have a redshirt year left if she needs to use it.
    Nothing official from Santa Clara yet. probably not until after the semester ends.

  3. roofer68:

    Cindy, now the question comes up if Stauber transfer to Santa Clara. Will Shoji give her a release? She is in the same position as Croson, transferring to a school that's on the 2013 schedule.

  4. LC:

    So I'm assuming that she has to sit out 2013 because Santa Clara is on our schedule this year and we just learned about this policy about transferring and schedules in the Croson case.

  5. LC:

    LOL you beat me to it roofer.Sorry about the duplication.

  6. Cindy Luis:

    I thought Stauber had already been given her release.
    But, if not, my understanding is one doesn't have to sit out if one is a walk-on and not receiving a scholarship.
    I could be wrong on that but remember reading it somewhere.
    I wouldn't call it a policy. It's a decision Shoji said he might make in regards to Croson.

  7. Warriorfan:

    I hope Stauber gets to play this upcoming season, she was gonna be on the bench for UH, would be unfair if she has to sit out.

  8. mainlandgal:

    Good luck to Stauber, wherever she ends up for the 2013 indoor season. She a great player and can be an asset to any team given the opportunity.

  9. wop ur jaws:

    She had a 50 50 chance of starting...but either setter knew the risk of being setters in div 1.

  10. Grammy:

    Just judging by her great attitude while a Wahine, I'd say she will be a great asset for the Brocos, too. I hope she gets to play right away and does well for herself and her new team. It seems like the atmosphere around NCAA athletes is not so much how much can I do for the school/team but moving towards what's in it for me? That's alright as long as they get out what they put in and not just 'play' the system with no quid pro quo for the school. I can understand feelings in young people can and do change from year to year so good luck, Monica, hope you find what you're looking for and thanks for being a good Wahine in the time you spent here. Go Wahine!

  11. Hot:

    Updates on Croson? Where are Hagins and Kam transferring to, by the way?

  12. Warriorfan:

    Hagins transferred to Idaho.
    I am guessing no news for Croson means she is staying??

  13. Ron:

    I would be surprised If Dave would stand in the way of Stauber looking for a chance to start. She is a very good setter and will help out any team she plays for. I hope the fans give her a warm welcome if she returns to the SSC this fall with another team. She deserves it.

  14. Kazu:

    I enjoyed Stauber, and Hagins for the short time i got to see them play. Good luck to both of them at their new schools. Its always nice to see former Wahine's back at the SSC even if their on the other team,and you want to see them play well.

  15. LC:

    Someone by the name of Gianna Guinasso committed ,don't know anything about her, Everything on Google seems to point to beach.

  16. Warriorfan:

    19. Definetely a 2014 beach recruit, in fact she is Kendra Koelsch's beach partner at Hungtington Beach HS.

  17. uhfan:

    She's playing both. Dont think indoor needs another libero.

  18. vballfreak808:

    17. uhfan, Hawaii could use Guinasso since her and Kahakai would replace Longo and Lelepali after this season. But still good that she can play both.

  19. hollycow:

    UH indoor may not need another libero but don't underestimate Gianna Guinasso, she maybe the best in 2014.

  20. LC:

    I haven't seen anything saying that she is playing both.

  21. uhfan:



  22. vballfreak808:

    20. LC, Digg'n Na Wahine asked a woman who announces college commitments if she was play indoor, sand, or both and she said both.

  23. Warriorfan:

    Well she must be a walk on then. Not that it matters.

  24. LC:

    The SA server has been screwed up for most of the day,lots of difficulty posting.

  25. LC:

    Ok now I see here it came from.Kara owns a recruiting service in Cali,Kendra Koelsch was one of her clients also.

  26. mainlandgal:

    UH might be in more need of a libero than originally thought. Heard Katie Spieler will only be playing sand from this point forward. I believe Longo only has one more season indoor.

  27. Warriorfan:

    I see that's why they got Kahakai and Guinasso now. Replacing Aly will be tough.

  28. Warriorfan:

    By the way Ben Jay is looking really foolish. Grew up calling the mens volleyball team warriors and will continue to do so.

  29. Cindy Luis:

    28. don't think Jay is being foolish at all. If you go back to the Klum Gym days, they were Rainbows. Wilton is the one who really went with Warriors. I think it's a nice compromise and after calling the men's teams Rainbow Warriors on first reference you care free to call them Warriors or Rainbows after.

  30. Cindy Luis:

    24. LC, yes it has has been screwed up. I could not access the blog most of the day. sorry for the delayed responses.

  31. Cindy Luis:

    11. Been out there for a while that Hagins was going to Idaho. Believe Kam is going DII, in the PacWest. Believe it's Azusa Pacific. not a huge surprise with her best friend Emily Maeda graduated.

  32. Warriorfan:

    29. well I meant he's being foolish for flip flopping his decision like that.

  33. kaleiboy:

    YAY for JAY......its Rainbow Warriors...........

  34. LC:

    Interesting reaction by Monica. The president of the booster club tells her that she is the subject of conversation on this blog and says a lot of crazies here. She then kills her twitter account.

    I see nothing but praise for her here.

  35. spencer:

    Well.... there are a lot of crazies here.

  36. LC:

    Actually I only know of one with multiple personalities.

  37. Ron:

    Now that was funny LC!

  38. meimei:

    I like to think of the peeps on here as "VERY PASSIONATE FANS" :))

  39. hollycow:

    34. True I see nothing but praise here. Very passionate fans we are and a over-reaction to Monica by the booster president. I hope that the other players don't get the wrong idea of us passionate fans and this blog.

  40. spencer:

    I guess you haven't seen the many rants of dedicatedfan.

  41. hollycow:

    Oh I have every word of dedicatedfan/steve/laura for the past 3 years. That's only 1 person, I'm talking about the passionate fanS like me, that the players don't get the wrong idea of.

  42. dedicatedfan:

    Hey, I never said a bad thing about Monica Stauber.

  43. 2chainz:

    People are over reacting here. According to someone she said there were "crazies here". She did not say she saw some negative things about here. I don't get why people are saying "there's nothing but praise for here here". I don't think that she's arguing the opposite.... just that there are crazies here. Which is true.

  44. 2chainz:

  45. LC:

    Get the story right # 43. It was the president of the boosters club who told her that there were crazies here and he also mentioned VT. I'm not making him out to be a bad guy because there is at least one here.She never said anything about it, just deleted her account shortly after.

  46. 2chainz:

    Still makes my point. people are over reacting.

  47. 2chainz:

    Still makes my point. people are over reacting. THERE ARE CRAZIES HERE... regardless of whoever said it.

  48. 2chainz:

    FYI, your initial post of the story can be interpreted either way. I thought her "reaction" was calling people here crazies then deleted her twitter. Sorry for the misinterpretation but your OP wasn't so clear... to me that is.

  49. hollycow:

    42. Never pointed out Stauber. Mafua, Satele, Wong ring a bell?

  50. LC:

    Grades came out today that's all I'm saying right now.

  51. dedicatedfan:

    Mafua, and Satele, yes.

  52. Hot:

    Is Ginger Long a candidate for libero?

  53. Cindy Luis:

    52. not that I'm aware.

  54. Hot:

    I thought that was the case, since Shoji has mentioned before about going with a taller libero (Tara Hittle, Elizabeth Ka'aihue) and since she mostly played back row last season.