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Long Beach State tops Pepperdine for sand title

May 4th, 2013

INfo from The Beach:

Down 2-1 in the championship match against No. 1 Pepperdine, No. 2 Long Beach State got a win from Janisa Johnson and Tyler Jackson, who finished the season undefeated, tying the national championship 2-2. Lauren Minkel and Jocelyn Neely then finished off the day with a 21-19, 9-21, 15-10 win in the final match of the day, clinching a win for the 49ers.

With the win, the 49ers handed the defending champions their first loss in two years of Sand Volleyball, and avenged a loss in the title game one season ago. The win also sealed the seventh team championship in Long Beach State's history. Men's volleyball has won one national championship and women's volleyball has won five.

It was the fourth chance this season for Long Beach State (19-3) to topple the Waves, but the 49ers came through in their biggest moment. The 49ers were also the beneficiaries of some misfortune to Pepperdine, as the Waves were forced to forfeit at flight No. 1 due to an injury to Jazmine Orozco.

o. 2 Long Beach State 3, No. 1 Pepperdine 2
1) Caitlin Ledoux/Tara Roenicke, LBSU def. Lilla Frederick/Jazmine Orozco, PEP 21-0, 21-0 via forfeit
2) Lara Dykstra/Caitlin Racich, PEP def. Delainey Aigner-Swesey/Chelsea Cabrajac, LBSU 16-21, 21-13, 15-9
3) Kelley Larsen/Kellie Woolever (PEP) def. Libby Fontanilla/Bre Mackie, LBSU 21-17, 21-19
4) Lauren Minkel/Jocelyn Neely, LBSU def. Victoria Adelhelm/Taylor Racich, PEP 21-19, 9-21, 15-10
5) Tyler Jackson/Janisa Johnson, LBSU def. Emily Cook/Katie Messing, PEP 21-19, 21-18

36 Responses to “Long Beach State tops Pepperdine for sand title”

  1. Cubicle1126:

    Why did Frederick/Orozco forfeit? ... injury to one of the pepperdine players?

  2. vballfreak808:

    1. Someone mentioned that Orozco got injured and then they didn't have another player to replace her

  3. vballfreak808:

    Just saw someone post on Volleytalk who watches Kyra Goodman's club team say that Goodman left the team due to some back injuries. Hope it isn't something serious and she is still able to play in the fall.

  4. Warriorfan:

    Fall is a long ways away and I am pretty sure she is redshirting anyway.

  5. WaWa:

    Haven't seen her play since she was 14. But back problems seem to be running in the family, Kaela had her bout with back issues prior to coming to UH. Not sure if it reoccured her fist couple years here since she hardly played.

  6. Warriorfan:

    I feel bad for Pepperdine losing both Hill and Orozco right before the championships. They were so dominant all year, as far as im concerned Long Beach's title comes with an asterisk.

  7. Purple&Green:

    2013 AVCA Collegiate Sand Volleyball All-Americans

    Kate Stepanova, FIU
    Jace Pardon, FSU
    Sarah Wickstrom, FSU
    Lane Carico, GSU
    Caitlin Ledoux, LBSU
    Tara Roenicke, LBSU
    Kim Hill, Pepperdine
    Lilla Frederick, Pepperdine
    Lara Dykstra, Pepperdine
    Caitlin Racich, Pepperdine
    Kelly Reeves, UCLA
    Zuzana Markova, ULM
    Kirby Burnham, USC
    Stevi Robinson, USC
    Next season Croson makes AA once more.
    She, and partner Halli Amaro, will represent Arizona in the pairs championships, again.

  8. Warriorfan:

    7. your crystal ball is often wrong lol

    I have no idea why Wong didn't offer Carico, I heard on volleyball georgia state was her only offer for sand.

  9. Purple&Green:

    & you're something 'S'pecial too lol (right arm extended with da broken/limp wrist).
    Zoe can roar like a lion. R-R-R-R-R-ROAR!

    Typical..'Hwns' being 'ethno'-centric Hawaii. Just because the state is a popular tourist destination doesn't mean that EVERYONE is to bow down adoringly to the 'Rainbows'..in EVERY sense of the symbol.
    Here's another:
    -Na Wahine 2013-

    Setter: SR, Uiato (USA A2 NT)..who'll finally be able to set back sets well enough

    OH1: SR, Kastl (5th yr. Sr, #1 Flighted player UH SVB Team)
    OH2: SO, Manu-Olevao (2013 USA Team trainee, #2 Flighted player UH SVB Team)

    OPP: SR, Hartong (2x All-American)

    Libero: SR, Longo (2013 USA Team trainee)
    DS: SR, Lelepali..who'll be Tai's sub in the backrow

    MB1: SO, Vorster (2013 USA Team trainee)..who I believe will be VERY good this next season
    MB2: SR, Tuaniga (5th yr. Sr, Fab50)..who'll likely drop out of school after the Fall Semester/VB is over.

    Da Punahou setter will be quite skilled and is the future.

    Spieler is the next libero to be focused upon.

    Long, Da Kaiser OH (who's not doing so well in jr's at being "tried" @ OPP), Passi *in this order* as OHs/OPPs..they will be what eventually makes it for the Bows.
    Look! Here are four more fun words:
    Pickle! Pizza! Pumpkin! Popcorn!

    The blog is open for anyone else to speculate.
    Don't allow cyber pansies to intimidate!!


  10. hollycow:

    Who is this Long, Da Kaiser OH? Taylor, Nikki Kaiser OH or Long, Ginger OH Kam-Maui.

  11. Warriorfan:

    10. Hollycow, You are just letting this person's illiteracy confuse you.

  12. Cindy Luis:

    6. WF. I don't know if they could substitute a player. Pairs qualified as teams based on a point system.
    Orozco was the one injured and could not continue. It's in the last line of the story before the results.

  13. Cindy Luis:

    9. P&G, you don't know that Tuaniga will drop out of school. why would she, being so close to graduation. the speculation is just absurd.
    But do agree that that Higgins will be an impact player and they might consider a 6-2
    Have no idea about 'Long, the kaiser OH.' I'm assuming you mean Nikki Taylor who decided not to play for the Cougars this season?

  14. wop ur jaws:

    So Jane is leaving for Arizona then?

  15. Cindy Luis:

    no. nothing set on Croson.
    Out of all of P&G's musings you think he's right on Croson? If I remember correctly people have had Amaro officially on the Arizona roster for 2 years and she is still in high school.

  16. Cindy Luis:

    8. Wong may not have had an available scholarship for sand for Carico.

  17. Warriorfan:

    I figured that was probably it, she's one of two all americans this year from a non ranked school. Carico must be pretty damn good because she made it all the way to the AVCA semifinals with her duo partner.

    I wonder if Zuzana Markova is gonna stay at ULM as a grad student or head to a different school, hopefully UH.

  18. hollycow:

    11. I know, just pulling the wool over his eyes to read his reaction. As far as Croson, there's obviously a personal behavior of hers that Shoji and Wong cannot inform the public of that led to her suspension in the Fall and now in sand. If pro beach volley is her future she may be better off going to Arizona or a Cali school, so she can be closer to her family.

  19. Cindy Luis:

    We'll see what happens. As for the 'personal behavior' ... there obviously is an issue with breaking unspecified team rules. To me, it's a private matter between player, coaches and team.

  20. Msrpantoja1@Huh.'A'loha:

    2013 AVCA Pairs SVB Championships:

    -1st Place Champions-
    Kirby Burnham-Stevi Robinson, USC

    -2nd Place Runner Ups-
    Tara Roenicke-Caitlin Ledoux, LBSU

    -3rd? Place Finishers-
    Lane Carico-Madewell, GSU

    -4th Place Semifinalists-
    Mendoza-Samoday, FIU
    Jane Croson-Brittany Tiegs, UH, would have won the whole cotton-pickin' thing. :<
    Also, look for the final AVCA Sand Poll to be out sometime today (Monday, 5-6-13).

    That's all!

  21. roofer68:

    13. Cindy, TK is getting her degree this June, working on her master's starting in the Fall.

  22. Hot:

    Purple&Green and this Aloha person (they are probably the same) are so exhausting with their nonsense rambles and stupid lists.

  23. Purple&Gold:

    & Why? Cindy does nothing--but yet only in selectively choosing--in this her, #1 of a couple of, blog(s) is telling.

    IF she really wanted others to participate in this 'Hwn' VB blog, she'd make it a friendly place..safe for more than just a few to speak up.

    I do wonder still IF Cindy truly appreciates this SA/work Blog.


  24. Warriorfan:

    22. no kidding it and Steve/Dedicatedfan really take the fun ( and sanity) out of this blog.

  25. sasa:


  26. Cindy Luis:

    21. Thanks Roofer. I think I had been told that, that she'd be playing as a grad student.

  27. Cindy Luis:

    23. have said many a time that I appreciate everyone who participates on this blog.
    Everyone is welcome to post but when it starts to be nothing but name-calling and borderline libel, the posts are deleted.
    If I didn't care, there would be no blog.

  28. LC:

    Don't be begging Jane to stay. Jane isn't calling the shots with her problem, Dave Shoji is.

    The subject of Jane transferring came about because it was the only choice she had at the time, she was about to lose her scholarship unless she meet certain requirements.While her scholarship has been temporally renewed she still has to meet those requirements or she is done here.

    There have been hints today that she may have fulfilled those requirements enabling her to continue to be on this team.

    Some people on message boards are trying to make it look like she is threatening to leave and giving Shoji an ultimatum but it is actually the opposite.

  29. sasa:

    LC, I'm not begging, I'm encouraging... Don't make it so dramatic, suggesting that I'm trying to make it like she's threatening to leave or that she's calling the shots. I'd like her to stay, so what...

  30. setaone:

    Glad that Shoji is still the leader of this team and not allowing any player to call the shots.

  31. Cindy Luis:

    31. I have said from the beginning that it was Croson's decision to make and that was 3 weeks. That they want her to stay but that it was on their terms. Don't believe she threatened to leave. As you say, it was the opposite, that she was given criteria to meet that would allow her to stay.
    The issue has been over whether she would be given a release. If she wasn't, she'd have to sit out a year (if accepting a scholarship from another school)

  32. Cindy Luis:

    29. deleted a portion of your post. trying to stop the name-calling. and will be going back to do the same with other posts.

  33. roofer68:

    28. LC thanks for bringing up Croson's status, facts were getting out of control on the many blogs. What you stated is the true facts, I found that out three weeks ago from very reliable sources, very close to the situation. Hopefully she has met the tasks that Shoji outlined, because I know she truly loves Hawaii and wants to stay.

  34. Cindy Luis:

    Roofer, guess we have the same sources since it's what i originally posted three weeks ago. however it did get buried on another thread so, thanks LC for re-stating things.

  35. roofer68:

    Could be Cindy, I was on the third floor on business.

  36. Cindy Luis:

    Could be then. '-)