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April 24th, 2013

Been buried on other threads so let's start fresh.

As we know, Croson hasn't been with the sand team for a few weeks. It is not academic, it is not injury.

She is mulling over her options to stay or go. The only thing I can confirm is that the final decision will be hers.

Originally told there would be an announcement this week IF she were to leave. Have since been told that there will be no announcement. That is not to say this means she is staying, rather that other issues can complicate a transfer. So, for now, nothing to 'report' other than she is a Wahine at least through this semester.

As for the rumors that 1. she is transferring to Arizona. 2. because of her boyfriend.

Nothing I've been told points to that. And since I don't know who the boyfriend is, can't speak to the latter.

Fact is: UH plays Arizona this fall. Would wonder if she would be released to play there in that case. Shoji and Rubio are good friends but ....

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  1. dedicatedfan:

    Hightop, it is not academics, as stated by Cindy. And it has nothing to do with volleyball, so what else can it be. Going out on a date with her b/f? LOL

  2. ruffles:

    #55 you should really change your name because "dedicatedfan" is very insulting to those of us who are truly fans of the UH programs. A dedicated fan inplies that you should SUPPORT the teams, not doing whatever you are doing. Your appropriate name should be "hater" because that is simply what you are. That being said everyone including yourself in entitled to his or her opinion. Just suggesting you call yourself what you truly are.

  3. mainlandgal:

    #55 dedicatedfan: you nailed it. She should be kicked off the team. Nothing more needs to be said.

  4. Hightop:

    @ #52 - I had the exact same question. Probably best to take everything carelessly thrown out here with a grain of salt.

    I wish people would quit feigning impartiality when they obviously have an agenda or some sort of personal beef.

    As for Jane, I wish her the best and hope she stays with the Wahine. She's fun and exciting player to watch and would be greatly missed by fans if she decides to leave.

  5. Chicken Grease:

    Wish Croson well and pray for her.

    These kinds of decisions aren't easy.

  6. Cindy Luis:

    DF, your accusations are borderline libel. they will continue to be deleted.
    You have no knowledge of the situation.
    There is no news. There is no coverup.
    As I have said, it is any athlete's decision to stay or go. Lots of reasons for both.
    Sure fans get invested in certain players but to continually bashing others for some one else's decisions and choices. is not right.

  7. Cindy Luis:

    51. Steve you cannot have it both ways. but it seems that you will deride the coach for whatever way he handles the pairings.

  8. Cindy Luis:

    55. Never said that it had nothing to do with volleyball. Do not presume otherwise so stop with throwing mud and hoping it buries someone

  9. vlimafan:


    Would you please ban Steve/Laura/dedicatedfan already or at least suspend his activity?

    Now he is bringing up alleged drug and alcohol use on players w/o ANY proof, unless ppl trust his "Cause I have seen with my own eyes" crap. Drug and alcohol use among athletes (of any sports) may be true but this annoying poster is just saying things w/o any evidence just to try to convince others that his words have any merit.

    He is damaging Wong's and Shoji's reputation w/ unwarranted accusations and now he is associating drug/alcohol use w/ Jane's current situation. I think both are reason enough to ban this friggin' jerk!

  10. Cindy Luis:

    62. just about there. thanks.

  11. Cindy Luis:

    Manoa, Croson's problem in high school ... when I spoke with her coach after she signed he said that if it had been up to him she and the other player wouldn't have been suspended. but the school had a zero tolerance policy on what was a very heated argument that got out of hand.
    I'm not sure what the 'given what we know' mean. The only person blaming someone else is Steve/Steven/Laura.

  12. Cindy Luis:

    Agree, Alohilani. If she decides to stay, what will be said then?

  13. mauna:

    dedicatedfan Steve is now bashing SW on the VT blog.

  14. Cindy Luis:

    thanks for the heads up. I will alert the administrators to the problem.

  15. Grammy:

    Aloha Cindy, reading your workload makes me glad I retired. I've been staying away from the blog during men's season, but couldn't miss this one. After spending a half-hour reading and scanning comments, I feel like I could have stopped reading after your initial statement and not wasted time. I've taken to just ignoring some comments, skipping to the real fan comments. I know that the word comes from "fanatic" which suggests passionate involvement with something, but it is very hard to keep on when comments spiral of into fantasy and hate and unfounded and hurtful 'statements'. I want to be a supporter and try to keep it positive. Negative is, I guess, equally supported by some, but it is bound to create a false sense of momentum and coupled with the anonimity of the internet interface allows some to just ramp up their own sense of things. Don't wish to participate in that kind of thinking. Go Wahine! Jane, do care what happens to you (in or out of UH) wishing you the best in whatever you choose for yourself. Only you get to make some decisions and so be it.

  16. wop ur jaws:

    okay im putting my thoughts in... so...on a Macro level, the reason that the readers/fans are speculating...is that the facts have not been revealed. Saying it's her decision is what I'd call adecision she has to make...but no one has concretely said...the reason is ? so people are going to make their own reality. I think once the facts are known, then people cannot dispute it. Of course the facts in any situation can be tricky based on who is presenting it. Anything else from anyone else is what I call heresay.

  17. setaone:

    Hey Cindy,

    Is it possible that instead of deleting a comment, you can show it as deleted? That way the reply number doesn't change?

  18. dedicatedfan:

    Jane Croson, is not thinking about transferring. She is deciding whether to return as a Wahine, or turn professional in Sand/Beach Volleyball. Which ever you decide to do, I will support you, Jane Croson.

  19. Cindy Luis:

    67. Setaone. good idea. will do that in the future.