CSUN loses, Warriors staying alive

April 10th, 2013

UCI sweeps CSUN 25-19, 25-19, 25-22

UCI locks up No. 2 seed.

CSUN at The Beach Saturday. UH needs to win Friday to keep thoughts alive. then it would come down to Saturday's outcomes.

sorry but have to go out to an interview, scheduled in Aiea at 6 p.m.

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  1. Warriorfan:

    This team better be prepared and win friday!

  2. vlimafan:

    Does anyone know the status of Siki's ankle (or was it his leg) injury from which he suffered during last weekend's alumni match? Any info is appreciated.

  3. Cindy Luis:

    he injured it in practice Friday. have not gotten update from Stephen.

  4. volleyball fan:

    Interesting to read what Northridge had to say after their loss tonight. These are the first two paragraphs.

    It's beginning to look like Cal State Northridge might need some help from an unlikely ally this weekend in its bid to reach the postseason.

    After the 10th-ranked Matadors were swept at No. 4 UC Irvine 25-19, 25-19, 25-22 Wednesday night at the Bren Center, CSUN could advance if UC San Diego can upset 14th-ranked Hawaii either Friday or Saturday in La Jolla.

    So it's clear that Northridge is praying for Hawaii to lose as they don't sound too hopeful they'll beat Long Beach on the road. So maybe the Warriors will have to control their own fate there (and at the same time, the fate of Northridge).

  5. tiffers:

    curious if those individuals a week or so ago that were asking for this team to lose this week instead of getting into the playoffs are still out there wanting this Hawaii to lose at UCSD

  6. volleyball fan:

    I am not asking the Warriors to lose. It's really up to them how badly they want to win this week. If they truly want to play at BYU in the playoffs and prove capable of doing so, I'll be happy for them. They'll still need help from Long Beach to beat Northridge on Saturday. But if the Warriors lose, I wouldn't regard it as a disaster. I just hope that next year they could finish higher than eighth in the MPSF so they wouldn't have to face a top team in the first round of the playoffs. Then I would care a whole lot more.

  7. vballfreak808:

    I'm just wondering but I know we all want the Warriors to bring home a national championship, but if they do make it the MPSF Tournament, does anyone really care whether they lose or not?

    I honestly want them to win but everyone just seems to care if they make the tournament or not and it sounds like they won't care after if they do.

  8. tiffers:

    I may have been a bit harsh with the previous comment, but just seemed to me that a couple of fans were posting here earlier that they would rather have this team lose and not make the playoffs than to sneak in as the 8th seed and get smoked at BYU. if that wasn't your intent, I apologize for reading too much into your comments.
    sure Hawai'i has had the schedule in their favor the last six weeks and unable to capitalize on it (losses to UCSB, CSUN, CBU) but I think we can all agree that with how the season unfolded and heading into these last two matches of the regular season, for them to still legitimately have a shot of making the postseason would somewhat salvage the season almost.
    history in the MPSF has shown recently that low seeds can find a way to win in the MPSF tournament (LBSU in '07 was a 7-seed and had success; UCSB in '11 won the tourney and lost in the NCAA final).
    Long Beach is a tough venue to play at and LBSU still has something to play for as well. CSUN is winless since needing just one win to get a postseason berth.
    volleyball fan-I believe they want these matches. with so much riding on Friday's match, just get to Saturday and have a chance at getting the 8th seed. to show that even if they have won 1 match on the road, is motivation. and with how BYU, UC Irvine and Long Beach have played this year, seeds 1 through 3 have been good teams throughout the year.
    vballfreak808-i think a goal every year is to get into the playoffs as the highest seed possible if you can't win the league, then to win the MPSF tournament and then bring home the national title. i'm like you in that i want them to win, but it's almost unimaginable that Hawai'i has needed so much help and up to this point has gotten every outside help its needed to still be alive in postseason contention, especially when CSUN has had 4 chances to close out the 8th spot and can't get it done. i know i'll care if they make and will continue to care once the postseason starts next saturday.
    first things first; they MUST win on Friday at UC San Diego. broadcast time at 3:50pm on NBC Sports Radio AM-1500 with Blaine Kauwe. just get to Saturday with the chance of still getting in.
    Go Warriors

  9. Purple&Green:

    Exciting times for Warrior fans!
    I'll be tuned in, for sure on Saturday, should it all come down to it.

  10. Purple&Green:

    Oh yeah,
    They can still beat UCSD WITHOUT Siki, too.
    ..even more tantalizing.

  11. Cindy Luis:

    7. " everyone just seems to care if they make the tournament or not and it sounds like they won't care after if they do."
    VBF, not sure why you say that. I think the fans care regardless, tournament or no tournament. They care about the state of the program and it's future.
    Tiffers, thank you for your insight. I don't think you were harsh at all. A number of previous comments had a 'why bother' 'who cares' 'pointless just to make the tournament and get smoked by BYU" vibe.
    so cliche' but it's why the play the game.
    Said here 2 weeks ago UH had a chance, given CSUN's brutal schedule to finish with four on the road.
    and, first things first, they have to win Friday. That match will be very telling in terms of the mindset.
    10. don't know if they can beat UCSD without Zarkovic. He plays well, the Warriors play well.
    The Tritons are no pushover. They have 4 MPSF wins, including 3-2 over Cal Baptist and a 2-3 loss AT UC Irvine after being up 2-0 10 days ago.

  12. karmady:

    I think they can beat UCSD w/ or w/o Siki, and could very well come out and surprise a potentially overconfident BYU looking past them. Stranger things have happened....

  13. Cindy Luis:

    Sounds like Zarkovic is cleared to play

  14. Warriorfan:

    Good now no excuses warriors, go and earn that playoff spot,, no team deserves to be in the playoffs after limping and losing 5-6 straight like Northridge.

  15. Cindy Luis:

    WF, It doesn't matter how many they've lost in a row last 4 and 8 of 9. CSUN's match at Long Beach State is their 6th straight road match. If they have a better record than UH, whom they beat twice, they deserve the spot.
    We'll know tomorrow if it all comes down to Saturday.

  16. volleyball fan:

    Thanks for all your honest comments. I have to admit mixed feelings in all this and I'm truly afraid to watch Friday's match because of this. I won't be able to watch Saturday's since I'll be gone. I've never felt like this before. I'll just wait for the final result. Let the chips falls as they may.

    All I can say is that next year I hope that UH won't have to play for eighth place again and face another 6,000-mile road trip to BYU. I'd love to see them in a better position and if they do have to go on the road in the playoffs, I'd rather see them go to a California university. BYU is not only farthest away but also the highest elevation. It sounds more like a punishment than a prize. Yes, I can understand why it's important to make the playoffs. I feel that it is more in UH control than Northridge. Sorry, volleyball fans, that I'm not a more solid fan this year and for this I do apologize. I do love volleyball and it's my favorite sport. That's why I call myself a volleyball fan (in general).

  17. Msrpantoja1@Huh.'A'loha:

    Dates, times, and opponents are subject to change:

    30-Aug. 7:30PM HAWAII VS TEXAS
    31-Aug. 8:30PM HAWAII VS UTEP

    1-Sep. 7:00PM HAWAII VS USD
    5-Sep. 7:30PM HAWAII VS NMSU
    7-Sep. 7:30PM HAWAII VS UCLA
    14-Sep. 7:30PM HAWAII VS ARIZONA
    ---Golden Dome Invitational---
    20-Sep. HAWAII VS USC (Notre Dame, Ind. (Purcell Pavilion))
    21-Sep. HAWAII VS DAYTON/LOUISVILLE (Notre Dame, Ind. (Purcell Pavilion))
    22-Sep. HAWAII VS NOTRE DAME (Notre Dame, Ind. (Purcell Pavilion))
    27-Sep. 7:00PM HAWAII VS UCR
    28-Sep. 7:00PM HAWAII VS CSUF

    11-Oct. 7:00PM HAWAII VS UCSB
    12-Oct. 7:00PM HAWAII VS CAL POLY
    14-Oct. 7:00PM HAWAII VS CSUN
    18-Oct. 7:00PM HAWAII VS ALUMNAE
    25-Oct. UH VS @BW OPPONENT
    26-Oct. UH VS @BW OPPONENT

    1-Nov. 7:00PM HAWAII VS UCI
    2-Nov. 7:00PM HAWAII VS LBSU
    15-Nov. UH VS @BW OPPONENT
    16-Nov. UH VS @BW OPPONENT
    22-Nov. 7:00PM HAWAII VS UCD

  18. Warriorfan:

    17. Are you making stuff up again??

  19. Warriorfan:

    19. if they could play USC, Louisville, Notre Dame and Dayton that would be huge for RPI's sake. But gonna wait until I hear from someone that's reliable.

  20. Warriorfan:

    Now that Football has released their schedule is it possible wahine volleyball will release there schedule soon as well?

  21. Cindy Luis:

    Schedule makes sense. But Notre Dame hasn't released any tournament schedule info yet so ... Notre Dame was not among the places i was told UH was considering.

  22. turfwar:

    Anything new on the recruiting front for the Wahines? Other schools are gettting verbals and just read where UCSD got a verbal from this Canadian prospect. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RzzYIGCriyA I mean just saying, why couldn't Dave get someone like this. Tall, dynamic, great athlete, super quick with a good arm swing. UCSD? I mean it's a great school but another of her videos says she was looking for a great volleyball school. Only a junior we should ask and offer. What can you lose?

  23. vballfreak808:

    17. I would have believed this but it has Hawaii vs. Wahine SVB team which I don't think will ever happen.

  24. vballfreak808:

    Anyone hear anything about Hawaii vs. SDSU today?

  25. Warriorfan:

    23. Msrpantoja1@Huh.'A'loha: and his/her dozens of other names usually just posts made up gibberish lol

  26. tiffers:

    @vballfreak - per SDSU's website, match started at 4pm in California and nothing has been put up on their site (http://goaztecs.cstv.com/). Probably will be posted on their website in a couple hours; unsure if or when UH will put something up

  27. Aloha73g:

    Its on AM1500 right now. Hawaii won 1st set 25-20. JP did not travel with the team. Siki did, but did not start.

  28. Aloha73g:

    And it isn't SDSU (San Diego State), it is UCSD (UC San Diego).

  29. vballfreak808:

    28. If you are talking about my or tiffers comment, then we were talking about the women's scrimmage against SDSU but you may be talking about the mens game against UCSD

  30. Warriorfan:

    Whoa why did JP not make the trip??? I cant hear am1500.

  31. Warriorfan:

    UH won set 1, good.

  32. Aloha73g:

    UCSD leading 2nd 15-8

  33. Warriorfan:

    Ugh they got in a huge hole early, not good!!

  34. Warriorfan:

    okay second set is a disaster.

  35. tiffers:

    Warriorfan - all Blaine said on air was Charlie told him it was "academic" issues. so please, let's not all try to guess or throw out different scenarios with what's going on with JP

  36. Aloha73g:

    UCSD won 2nd 25-15

  37. Aloha73g:

    16-16 tie in 3rd

  38. Aloha73g:

    Hawaii up 22-20 in 3rd

  39. Aloha73g:

    Hawaii wins 3rd, 25-21

  40. jmy:

    Come on guys, let's win it in 4...

  41. Warriorfan:

    Taylor is coming up huge tonight.

  42. Warriorfan:

    Damn Olsen just is not a good hitter, Put Siki in.

  43. Aloha73g:

    11-11, TO Hawaii as, "Davis Holt has his head over a garbage can..."

  44. Aloha73g:

    16-16 in 4th

  45. Aloha73g:

    Hawaii up 19-17, Timeout UCSD

  46. vlimafan:

    I just got in and am only now listening to the match. Is Siki playing? If so how's he doing? I hear Timmer's name... Is he starting for Marks?

  47. Aloha73g:

    Hawaii wins 4th 25-23; wins match 3-1

  48. tiffers:

    vlimafan - Siki is 50% and didn't play tonight. Timmer and Olsen were on the outside. JP didn't make the trip

  49. Warriorfan:

    YEs, way to go warriors and I think if Wade had stuck with Wechsung they would have made the playoffs easily.

  50. vlimafan:

    Haha, I made it in time for the end of the match. Too funny.

    Thx for the info, tiffers. How did Olsen n Timmer do?

  51. vlimafan:

    #49 warriorfan, did Wechsung start tonight over Ramos?

  52. Warriorfan:

    Looks like he got in half way in the third set and stayed in there til the end of the match.

  53. Warriorfan:

    BY the way I can't believe USC is using Micah as an OH now. I hope he's fed up with all the switching and transfers back home. Just wishful thinking.

  54. tiffers:

    Ramos got the start and Max came in late.
    Jace - 7 kills, hit .000
    Johann - 4 kills, hit -.045.
    Brook came up big with 19 kills, Taylor with 13 in the middle. Davis had 9 kills in the middle too

  55. tiffers:

    Warriorfan - Micah didn't set last Saturday b/c it was senior night and USC wanted to play its seniors. Ironically it was against Northridge and USC still found a way to win. Micah did hit some as an OPP at Kamehameha and for club at Outrigger fyi but I'd take his setting any day

  56. vlimafan:

    Ooh ouch! Those aren't good numbers for the outsides. Hopefully they'll do much better tomorrow. Glad Sedore and Averill were solid.

  57. Warriorfan:

    Tiffers I saw in the livestats he was being used as an OH against UCLA tonight as well. I'd take his setting anyday not sure what the USC coach is thinking?

  58. Ki Mo:

    Just heard that Larry Tuiletta has verbaled to HAWAII for football. Best part for volleyball fans is Norm Chow Erik allow him to play both FOOTBALL & VOLLEYBALL.

  59. Ki Mo:

    Just heard that Larry Tuiletta has verbaled to HAWAII for football. Best part for volleyball fans is Norm Chow will allow him to play both FOOTBALL & VOLLEYBALL.

  60. Warriorfan:

    59. No way really? thats awesome news Ki MO.

    I think he will redshirt his first year for football and hopefully play volleyball?? I honestly hope UH can get better quarterbacks so that he is down to fourth string or lower for football and selfishly want him to play all four years of volleyball, he's really good. Great pickup for both sports (hopefully)

  61. Ki Mo:

    Just saw it on KITV sports. Reported by Kekaula.

  62. Cindy Luis:

    See new thread on Tuileta. Tsai tweeted it, Kekaula picked it up.