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Wahine sand wins 3-2 over FIU

March 15th, 2013

Wahine Nos. 1 and 2 lost their matches, Nos 3-4-5 win.

1. Kate Stepanova/Ksenia Sukhareva (FIU) def. Ginger Long/Katie Spieler (UH) 21-16, 21-13

2. Jessica Gehrke/Maryna Samoday (FIU) def. Natasha Bell/Tai Manu-Olevao (UH) 21-15, 21-18

3. Jane Croson/Ashley Kastl (UH) def. Emily Podschweit/Tina Toghyani (FIU) 21-16, 21-19

4. Alyssa Longo/Karlee Riggs (UH) def. Camila Rosado/Elly Citron (FIU) 21-11, 21-17

5. Kuulei Zalopany/Olivia Urban (UH) def. Jessica Mendoza/Laura Duffy (FIU) 21-17, 21-12

and No. 6 Miyashita-Mount won their exhibition.

39 Responses to “Wahine sand wins 3-2 over FIU”

  1. warriorfan:

    I noticed FIU lost at Long Beach 3-2 as well, and FIU's top two duos won over Long Beach's top two as well so they must be real good.
    Although I suspect UH's top duo is really Croson/Kastl.

  2. Cindy Luis:

    Wong said that all his teams are close and that he didn't 'play the system' by putting Croson-Kastl at No. 3, because they would be playing tonight. but it did work out for UH.
    FIU No. 1 team: Stepanova (6-3) is a transfer from FSU that finished third at last year's sand championships and was on the No. 3 pairs team at the finals, also on the indoor team that went to the 2011 final four.
    Sukhareva 6-footer, from Russia. they definitely had the height advantage on Long-Spieler.

  3. uhfan:

    FSU gave Sukhareva a release but not Tiegs, wow

  4. Cindy Luis:

    sukhareva never was at FSU. it was Stepanova.

  5. warriorfan:

    Yea I am wondering why the Florida state coach gave Stepanova a release and not Tiegs, seems pretty shady.

  6. Cindy Luis:

    WF, don't think Stepanova needed a release. She is playing as a grad student.
    Tiegs is a junior this year.

  7. dedicatedfan:

    Cindy, what did you mean, Shoji was out this morning SUPing, on your previous thread.

  8. dedicatedfan:

    Oh, also, what did Scott mean by "play the system"?

  9. warriorfan:

    6. that makes sense. Next year with Tiegs, Rooks and Nikki Taylor UH should be really really good.

  10. Cindy Luis:

    Shoji does Standup paddleboard or SUP

  11. Cindy Luis:

    Playing the system, meaning he said he didn't look at the matches he thought he could win and stacked it, such as someone's saying they thought Croson-Kastl should have been No. 1.
    I asked if he did it to save Croson-Kastl for tonight, especially since Kastl's ankle is still sore.
    He said no.
    FIU coach didn't submit her lineup until just prior to the match.

  12. dedicatedfan:

    Croson and Kastl played well together, so did Ali Longo and Karlee Riggs. Is Riggs the daughter of the Rigg's volleyball family, in Hawaii?

  13. Cindy Luis:

    No, Riggs has no relatives in Hawaii. Besides the Hawaii family is Rigg, no S

  14. dedicatedfan:

    Cindy, I was wondering about Kastl's ankle, saw it all taped up, even had that bluish tape up her shin, too.

  15. Cindy Luis:

    Mentioned a couple of days ago that she had rolled it in indoor practice.. the blue tape is KT (Kinesiology Tape) pretty common to be used by athletes. Wahine have used it for several years in a number of sports, including indoor vb.

  16. dedicatedfan:

    One thing I must say, Ali Longo does have a loud voice. You could hear her saying things to Karlee during their match. 🙂

  17. dedicatedfan:

    Did not see Vorster at the Sand Matches, thought she was playing Sand Volleyball.

  18. setaone:

    Re: Playing the system.....

    wasn't there mention of some rule where a player cannot move more than one spot up or down? I'm not entirely sure, could be old age.

  19. dedicatedfan:

    Would love to see Spieler team up with someone taller, like Vorster.

  20. Cindy Luis:

    Vorster was resting her knee for tonight.

    Don't know what rule you mean. considering that this was the season opener, nothing to base who is supposed to be at what spot.

  21. dedicatedfan:

    Playing Sand Volleyball will really help Kastl's indoor game. Croson will show Kastl how to use the whole court with different kinds of shots, being teamed up with her.

  22. dedicatedfan:

    Cindy, I was going to come over and say, "Hi", but you seemed quite busy. Noticed you were walking around, Hawaiian style, bare feet, tho. 🙂 The wind was really blowing, also noticed it was playing havoc with your hair at times, too.

  23. setaone:


    For example, FIU #1 is pretty good. If Wong new it was a guarantee lost, no sense waste his true #1. Instead, throw a weaker team in that spot (since it is a lost anyway) and have his #1 play a weaker opponent.

    Does Collegiate tennis have any regulations regarding that?

  24. dedicatedfan:

    setaone, it kinda looked that way.

  25. Cindy Luis:

    AGAIN, he said he didn't do it. besides, he didn't know what FIU's lineup was until both teams submitted their rosters. I'm sure he had a pretty good idea since FIU had played four previous matches.

    DF/Steve, slippers were under the officials' tent. it was windy.

  26. warriorfan:

    23. At the same time you want to test Croson/Kastl against the best of the best and maybe Spieler/Long could have beat FSU's number 3 pair.

  27. warriorfan:

    But maybe Spieler/Long really are UH's best pair and just had a bad day.

  28. dedicatedfan:

    Warriorfan, maybe you are right. Just seemed like Spieler/Long did not work well together, not like the other pairs did.

  29. mainlandgal:

    As mentioned above, I think UH #1 Speiler/Long are going to have problems during the season at the #1 spot with their height. But, from what I saw today, Croson/Kastl definately not UH's #1 team. Glad to finally see a coach make the best decision for the team as a whole and not worry about all the talk/hype with Croson all the time. Overall, UH looked good out there. Always room for growth and improvement. Nice to see 3-4-& 5 take wins in 2. Longo/Riggs being the most dominant win are a team to watch this season!!

  30. jimmy the lock:

    Nice going Sand Wahine!

    It is obvious that dedicatedfan is Steve.

    Thanks Cindy for the Sand scoops.

    Ashley "Sand" Kastl has a nice ring to it.

  31. Jesse:

    I like that, sand kastl!!

  32. wop ur jaws:

    Trust..from what
    I saw, ane and whomever will be number one. Ali's opponent did not very good.

  33. Jesse:

    Who is ane??

  34. Cindy Luis:

    guessing they meant Jane

  35. mainlandgal:

    And, who is Ali's partner that "did not very good"? Have you seen stats from the match? Looks like Longo/Riggs both held their own and played pretty evenly???

    However, does look as though blocking will need to improve overall for UH as they get closer to playing higher ranked teams.

  36. hollycow:

    Blocking need to improve drastically with the indoor team, did not look good tonight. Kastl had a lot of energy, Jane was off her game.

  37. Cindy Luis:

    I thought Riggs (Longo's partner) played well in their first match together.
    As for last night, didn't see it but you guys are brutal.
    It was an exhibition, they were down to 2 middles and Vorster's knee has been acting up, Hartong not practicing in the front row. it's not like the team you saw is going to be the team even in fall practice.

  38. Cindy Luis:

    Have some stats in today's story
    complete stats at

  39. setaone:

    Per VT's geddyleemartin:


    "That is exactly what is happening this season - schools can play with their lineups for the first two weeks of the season, after that they have to lock in their pairs, and can only move them up or down one spot. Also, only #1 and #2 pairs are eligible to be invited to the pairs national championship - so a coach has to decide if it is really worth it to put one of his/her top teams in, say, the #3 slot and waste a chance at winning the pairs NC.

    This is only the second go around for sand volleyball - it will take some time to iron out the rules."

    If this is true, would Wong really keep Croson out of the National Championship? I can hardly believe that she is not in the top two pairs. If he says the duo of Kastl/Croson is #3, maybe he needs to reevaluate the pairings. LOL. oh how easy it is to be an armchair QB.