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UH-SC rewind

March 10th, 2013

Another good win for Hawaii, much-needed to ket hopes alive for a playoff spot. Cal Baptist will not be easy. Lancers are 5-2 at home, have some big wins there.

Stats for UH

Sedore 11-2-30, 4 BA, 1 aces, 4 SE, 8 digs

Ramos 1-0-2, 2 aces, 6 SEs, 6 digs, 1 BA

Averill 7-1-11, 3 digs, 2 BA

Marks 22-6-36, 0 aces, 4 SEs, 9 digs, 2 BS, 1 BA

Zarkovic 12-2-25, 0 aces, 2 SEs, 7 digs, 1 BS

Holt 5-1-10, 2 SE, 2 BS, 4 BA

Timmer 0-1-1, 2 SE. Cheape 3 digs, Kanetake 1 dig.

UH with 3 aces, 20 SEs, 37 digs, 11 blocks. Lowest ace total since 1 in season opener at BYU

SC with 9 aces, 16 SEs, 40 digs, 7 blocks

Jansen, out for a set with I believe a back spasm, 11-7-26, 1 aces, 2 SE, 1 BA

Christenson 1-1-2, 40 assists, 3 aces, 1 SE, 5 digs, 1 BA

Slaught 13-7-27, 1 ace, 4 SE, 5 digs, 3 BA

Lam 1-3-9, 1 dig before twisting ankle in Set 3

Feathers 5-3-13, 4 digs, 1 BS, 4 BA

Booth 19-5-44, 1 ace, 6 SE, 6 digs

Cassiday 16 digs

Rivera 5-4-13 in 3 sets, 2 aces, 1 SE, 2 BA

Kirchner 0-1-2, 1 BA

Uh 7-12, 6-10

SC 4-11, 4-11

8 Responses to “UH-SC rewind”

  1. dedicatedfan:

    Big Win. Even Bigger Weekend coming up with Cal Baptist. The Warriors take both matches and they control their destiny. Anything worse, then they will need help to grab the 8th seed.

  2. Alohilani:

    Think Marks had his best game in a long time. Guess this team just feel more comfortable playing 5 sets. Seems like the errors were pretty low tonight. Just a great weekend for the team. Aces kind of disappeared. Good luck Fri and Sat. Give it all you got.

  3. rayson:

    Yeah, thought JP played his best match of the season tonight.

    Hope Lam's injury is too serious.

  4. rayson:

    That should be I hope Lam's is NOT too serious.

  5. volleyball fan:

    So everybody wants Hawaii to get the eighth spot for playoffs. It could save Charlie Wade's job but it will send the team all the way to Provo, Utah again against the BYU Cougars. Not much of a reward there.

  6. warriorfan:

    BYU can be beat, sure it will be hard in provo but UH is a different team than they were back at the beginning of the season.

  7. Cubicle1126:

    i think everyone would like to see this team make the playoffs -- whether it be the 8th spot or higher. i don't think people are saying it absolutely has to be the 8th spot.

  8. Cindy Luis:

    Agree with Cubi, after UH not making the playoffs last year, fans would like them see them in the postseason. and agree that it may not be 8th. lots of VB to be played. For sure, UH is a different team than the first week of the season.