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No TV for Sunday volleyball

March 10th, 2013

No other info received from UH other than no TV today.

21 Responses to “No TV for Sunday volleyball”

  1. dedicatedfan:

    OcSports is just not skilled enough to breakdown and move about a football field away, in a span of 6 hours. All wiring is in place, all they have to do is relocate their mobile truck, down the road to the arena. But hey, when you deal with amateurs what can I say.

  2. warriorfan:

    Jeez this is just laziness they would rather take the rainy day off. whatever.

  3. cjam:

    There should be no excuses for the volleyball match not to be shown. Disappointing.

  4. aloha73g:

    I think broadcasting live sporting events is slightly more complicated than moving a truck....but I'm no expert. Give OCSports a break and join the rest of us in the arena to cheer on the Warriors

  5. cjam:

    There are a lot of Hawai'i fans on the mainland... I being one of them.

  6. volleyball fan:

    Wasn't softball rained out anyway? So why couldn't they set up for volleyball? For those who lives on another island, including myself are denied the match.

  7. karmady:

    Rats. I'm with aloha73g, it's more complicated than that AND I wonder if they have to negotiate rights or something with USC. In any case, guess it will be live stats for me. Go Warriors!

  8. Cindy Luis:

    I don't think USC has anything to do with it, in terms of negotiating rights.
    It's on radio, 1420-AM and espn1420am.com

    Softball wasn't the conflict. It was baseball. I have no idea why they couldn't make the switch.

    VF, the match wasn't going to be televised anyway so you were being denied from the start.
    Don't shoot the messenger. Complain to OC16.
    Stephen will be at the match. Since I won't be, I'll see if he can find out more in person.

  9. volleyball fan:

    Cindy, I am not shooting you the messenger. I never blamed you. I was just venting publicly. So it wasn't softball but baseball. It's even more maddening that OC Sports would give priority to baseball, a slower, more boring sport, than volleyball, what more that they are losing while at least UH won in clutch time. I'll be even madder if this was another close match or a hang-by-your-teeth thriller. But now that I went back and checked UH men's volleyball website, I realize that they mentioned in advance that they were going to televise only Friday's match. I also found out that next week's matches at Cal Baptist will be shown online but for a fee this time, $2.95. If anyone can state how good their broadcast is and if it's worth shelling out that money, please comment here.

  10. Cindy Luis:

    no worries. I had mentioned Friday night that there would be no TV. I haven't seen any CBU broadcasts so don't know the quality sorry.

  11. Cindy Luis:

    Cjam, this match was never scheduled to be on TV. not sure why since baseball is doing so horrible.
    you can catch it online radio espn1420am.com

  12. dedicatedfan:

    Just for info, it is easier then you think for OcSports to relocate from the Les Murakami Stadium to Stan Sheriff Arena. K5 was doing it in less then 2 hours before. When K5 was televising both Baseball in the afternoon and Volleyball or Basketball in the evening. Since all the cables are in place, all it takes is moving the 16-wheel mobile unit, from one site to the other, and connecting all the cables to the mobile unit. I just feel Oceanic is just to lazy to do so. Time to give the rights back to K5, they seem more professional, and gear everything to the UH fans.

  13. cjam:

    Sorry, I'm just annoyed that no sport will be streamed at all today... no baseball, no softball, no volleyball :(. Just thought if baseball was canceled, they could possibly show volleyball. I guess im just being spoiled since a lot of UH sports matches are free online this year. I was regulated to just listening to ESPN1420am/livestats the previous years....(don't have the money to shell out to watch all the games I wish I could have).... I try to catch almost all of the online streaming provided for all sports.. and I'm just glad their free this year... can't be to sour though.

  14. volleyball fan:

    Dedicatedfan, you're right. I wish you would address your message to Jay, the athletic director so that he would hear fans' complaints about OC Sports laziness. Beside us fans losing the opportunity to watch the match, OC Sports lost on advertising revenue as there was no baseball today, so they lost all the way. It should be a lesson to them that it's not worth broadcasting baseball that could be rained out while volleyball is not affected by rain. OC Sports really dropped the ball on this stupid decision. I do have one more question, though, would K5 have broadcast online? If not, I'll take OC Sports any time.

  15. Cindy Luis:

    DF, never said it would be hard. I don't understand why they didn't other than they didn't have the staff to do it. Believe there are more cameras involved. meaning more people to work at vb.
    Funny you say that about K5. Most of OC16 staff are former K5 workers.
    I don't think it was laziness. The volleyball crew was not scheduled to work today.

  16. dedicatedfan:

    I am just trying to help those fans that cannot make it out to the SSC, like those to old, or outer island fans. Oceanic should start thinking about them to, if they want to continue Televising UH Sports.

  17. Cindy Luis:

    I know but the point is this match was never scheduled to be on TV. If it hadn't been rained out, the baseball game would have been televised and the UH fans, neighbor island and otherwise, would have been served. Never understood why the weren't going to televise both to start, baseball was at 1, volleyball at 5. should have been doable but that was the decision made months ago.

  18. volleyball fan:

    No one answered my question. Did K5 ever broadcast online? I live on the Big Island and have no TV service where I live.

  19. Cindy Luis:

    Believe they did online briefly. before OC16 took over. But I'm not positive.

  20. volleyball fan:

    Thanks, Cindy, for answering my question. I hope that whoever broadcasts UH sports in future years will have an online broadcast, that's all.

  21. Aloha73G:

    If it was just a matter of driving the truck over I'm sure they'd do it, but they probably didn't have the staff they needed for volleyball available at such short notice. Like Cindy said, the decision was made months ago. No sense crying over spilled milk.

    A better plan would be to send a clear, concise, well written letter/email to Ben Jay & OC Sports advocating for online broadcast of all the big sports.