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A chat with Wade

March 9th, 2013

Ran into him outside Kailua Foodland today. chatted a little about last night's match and other things.

We agreed they were really flat against CSUN. said some health problems played into it. We knew that Marks had respiratory problems .. HIPA doesn't allow he to disclose health things but been told by others  it might have been pneumonia. there also was an internal issue with another player that required hospitalization.

there was a death ... it was a close family member of Marks' So that all played into stuff going on last week. no excuses, just life.

He did say it was one of the best rallies he's seen in volleyball Friday night. Felt if they could just keep the serve in they'd be in good shape. they were siding out well.

Asked him about SC's 50 digs to UH's 28.  he said SC had a good number but when you dig a ball 5 times during a rally but still don't get a point ... he pointed to the 15-7 edge in blocks being more telling since blocks count for points. Very true.

He felt good about heading into Sunday's match.

I will not be there. I have the Hapalua at 535 a.m to cover in Waikiki. but will check in with vb.

7 Responses to “A chat with Wade”

  1. setaone:

    since baseball is rained out, will volleyball be shown on oc?

  2. Cindy Luis:

    am checking on that.

  3. warriorfan:

    Thanks for the info Cindy, sorry for JP's loss, he's had a rough past few weeks.

    They better be showing the game, baseball was a 1 pm start, so they have plenty of time to prepare for volleyball instead.

  4. Cindy Luis:

    Don't know yet. it would make sense. May depend on who is working. Leahey had planned to, obviously with baseball. guess the question is if the normal VB crew is available.

  5. uhfan:

    Baseball and softball games have been canceled due to weather

  6. Cindy Luis:

    Yep, which is why we're trying to find out if TV will be at VB

  7. karmady:

    Fingers crossed!