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CSUN 3, Hawaii 1 3-3

March 3rd, 2013

Marks back in the lineup. Not sure if he's completely over what we were told was a respiratory problem.

other starters. Timmer serving, Ramos, Sedore, Averill MB and floor captain today. OH Zarkovic, Cheape at Libero,  Guessing Holt is the other MB, will come in for Timmer.

98 Responses to “CSUN 3, Hawaii 1 3-3”

  1. warriorfan:

    Siki has played pretty bad all weekend 🙁

  2. jmy:

    Typical young team...Flashes of brilliance, but can't sustain...The frustrating thing is that it feels like UH has been a young team for the past 2-3 years...

  3. Cindy Luis:

    CSUN closes it out 25-19. on to Set 4.

  4. Cindy Luis:

    Matadors been hitting in the 300s all match. 368 in Set 3, UH 147
    Sedore 13 5 27, Averill 3-2-8, Marks 6-3-13, Zarkovic 12-7-30 (too many sets IMHO), West 3-0-3 (feed the middle), Holt 2-1-3.
    UH with 5 SEs in that set, CSUN with 2. CSUN with 3 blocks, UH 1.

  5. Cindy Luis:

    Cheape still struggling. a bit of a surprise. Kanetake in.

  6. Cindy Luis:

    UH down 10-6. TO Warriors. Not sure if they have enough. Marks is struggling now. couple of hits go long.

  7. Cindy Luis:

    UH running some new plays. Sedore on the combo. but hits wide. it's 13-8.

  8. warriorfan:

    It will be pretty sad if they lose both matches to this northridge team at home.

  9. Cindy Luis:

    West blocked. CSUN up 15-10 at the TTO.

  10. Cindy Luis:

    Zarkovic with 2 errors, CSUN up 18-11. TO UH.

  11. warriorfan:

    this is just pathetic, this team took a giant step backwards this weekend.

  12. warriorfan:

    I hate this northridge team I hope they lose the rest of their matches, what a bunch punks. Im glad Magorien never came to UH.

  13. Cindy Luis:

    Not looking real good. CSUN with 2 straight blocks. it's 20-11

  14. jmy:

    Maybe going 1-3 on the road damaged their morale...

  15. dedicatedfan:

    Hey Cindy, not like watching the Wahine play, huh.

  16. Cindy Luis:

    WF, agree that CSUN is a little punky. sometimes it's all about the match ups. UH did not match up well with this team, which had a bunch of unorthodox. hitters. CSUN wins 25-15.

  17. Cubicle1126:

    a disappointing night

  18. Cubicle1126:

    as for the talking to the net, to be fair, there was a lot of that from both teams starting from Friday night. and of course, it's gonna increase from CSUN as they start to pull away for the win.

    if you wanna shut the other team up, play better.

  19. Cubicle1126:

    wade saying -- in the post-match interview -- that there's some off-the-court issues the team is dealing with. players hurt, sick and/or hospitalized? and maybe other personal things?

  20. Roxy:

    Hawaii was not well prepared coming into this very important weekend. And that's on the coach.

    Over the half-way point of the season and a team should not be regressing. Hat's off to Jeff Campbell. His players aren't always the most talented but he gets the most out of them, something Wade hasn't done the past four years.

  21. dedicatedfan:

    When as a player you start to be distracted and worry about what the other team is saying, then you are just looking for an excuse, and not really playing. Good teams do not let those kinds of things bother them. Do you think the Wahine let that sort of thing bother them, heck no. They let their volleyball play speak for them.

  22. jmy:

    Agree with Roxy...The team regressed this weekend...Big Time!

  23. warriorfan:

    Siki was just letting the ref know she needed to calm northridge down they were being classless and obnoxious.

    This was a bad weekend and Northridge got very lucky, that's all im gonna say, they won last night cause of the refs..

  24. Cindy Luis:

    Yes, heard Wade say that. We knew about Marks being ill. Didn't know of the 'tragedy.' will have to check on that.

  25. warriorfan:

    This next weekend is now do or die for coach wade and the team IMO. If they have another replay of this weekend he's done.

  26. Cindy Luis:

    I think they were prepared but CSUN was unorthodox in hitting. Marks being ill didn't help their preparation.

  27. dedicatedfan:

    I am getting sick an tired of all these excuses, just suck it up, and play tough. This team is just not tough enough. Players need to step up. If the Wahines can do it why cannot the Warriors do the same. Are the Warriors just looking for excuses to not play good, now. Things to think about.

  28. warriorfan:

    77. oh shut up about the wahine already, your'e the first doofus that turns on the wahine as soon as they lose....

  29. dedicatedfan:

    Hey, I like what the 2 former players said on the post game show, "it is time to shutup and just play. Another loss and they can kiss any hope of post season play away."

  30. dedicatedfan:

    WF, you need to come to grips, this Warrior team is just not very good. Not well coached, either.

  31. Cindy Luis:

    DF, not sure why I need to make a comparison. different game, the men's vs. the women. UH is very young this year. Agree, tho, a disappointing night.
    Besides, I've seen a number of down years with the Wahine. 90-91-92 not great. 84-85 they struggled when very young.

  32. dedicatedfan:

    If Cindy were truly honest, she would say that this Warrior Team is now looking for excuses for not winning. Good teams do not look for excuses, they just out and win, no matter what the circumstance is.

  33. Cindy Luis:

    I am being honest. not making excuses. they are young. the league is tough and a lot of parity. they had one key starter out this week with illness. Pretty much all facts.

  34. Feed The Middles:

    Nice to see Nick West back at full speed tonight. He definitely brought a spark, but the passing was horrible all match. The middles were very effective....but outside hitters struggled all weekend.

  35. Cindy Luis:

    Don't know if West is completely back. abdominals can be tricky. but he certainly is a spark.

  36. volleyball fan:

    It's just too early to talk about playoffs. Let's not worry about it. Players have to step it up and play one match at a time and redeem themselves. That's all. I'd rather not see them make the playoffs than to fall flat on their faces in playoff time. As for Charlie Wade's job on the line, I wonder whom the fans would like to see coach in his place. Mike Wilton already gave up. It's tough to recruit good players for Hawaii.

  37. dedicatedfan:

    Cindy, how many years are we going to use the excuse of being young. Like another blogger stated earlier, that excuse has been used the last 2 or 3 years, now. I can hear it being said again next year also.

    By the way, volleyball is volleyball, whether it is played by the men, or women. It all comes down to technique and mental toughness. Or, am I missing something, between the men and women, when it comes to technique and mental toughness.

  38. dedicatedfan:

    Cindy, one starter out, how long was Jane Croson out. Difference is, other Wahine stepped up. You do not see that happening with the Warriors. In there minds, we have a starter out, excuse to lose.

  39. Cindy Luis:

    i guess you can say they are young for as long as they are. This year especially. not a lot of experience out there, at least with the program. Ramos and Olsen first year at UH, Wechsung, Zarkovic, Kanetake true freshmen, Sedore, Timmer, Marks, Averill and Holt sophomores, West a sophomore basically. Cheape senior but not that much experience.
    just saying i can't compare the Wahine with the men. different programs, different in terms of how much talent is spread out in the women's game, and how much it's concentrated on the men's side because of the smaller number of teams.

  40. warriorfan:

    86. I just never will agree that not making the playoffs is okay because they might "fall flat on their faces"
    This young team getting playoff experience will be huge for next season even if t hey lose at BYU or Irvine in the first round, they have proven they can seriously compete with Irvine.

    I also do not agree that Recruiting to hawaii is hard, sure it's not as easy as USC or UCLA but Uh should be able to get the same calibre recruits as Irvine, Northridge and UCSB.

    If charlie is let go I hope Ben Jay goes for someone that can make UH a perenial top 5 team again and put the fans back in the stands but to do that t hey will have to pay more . But as the saying goes it takes money to make money!
    If they can't do that then I would for someone young with potential like Pepperdine assistant David Hunt or give Mark Presho a shot, it's no coincidence Irvine has been good the whole time he's been there.
    I would even try to get Jeff fisher back, although that would be hard since he just got hired by pittsburgh.
    Maybe Rob Nielsen byu Assistant?

  41. dedicatedfan:

    Warriorfan, recruiting to Hawaii is hard, when Hawaii cannot even keep the best talent in Hawaii to play for them. The good Mainland recruits will wonder why the best talent in the Islands do not stay home to play. Not even Shoji's sons ever thought about staying home to play for the Warriors. Hawaii needs to get a coach who can keep the best talent in the islands, to play for them. Wondering out loud, if Dave Shoji would not mind coaching the Warriors also. He has shown he can keep the best talent home to play for him.

  42. dedicatedfan:

    Cindy, I know you are under contractual obligations not to say anything bad. You have to leave that up to Fred Lewis and Dave Reardon to do that, just like Stephen Tsai, has to. I get it, and I do not hold it against you.

  43. Safinator:

    Impressed with Taylor Averil. He is strong as an ox and steady for the Warriors. I also prefer Wechsung setting, Ramos sets too low and fast . The location is inconsistent. Wechsung sets higher and steadier, but goes to the left too much, especially late in set 3, that's why he was yanked. But his tempo the hitters can d something with it. Ramos late in the game is shaky... As for dfense really impressed with Kanetake. He's gonna be good one for UH later in the years. This isn't UH year, but they show tons of potential.. Hey look at all the 5 gamers... give em time. Next 2 years all upperclassmen, so no excuses.

  44. karmady:

    91, I suspect the reason Kawika and Erik Shoji sons didn't play for UH is because they wanted Stanford diplomas - and who can blame them? I think the real tragedy is losing Taylor Crabb to Long Beach and Chad Baretta to Concordia.

  45. Cindy Luis:

    DF, I am under no contract obligations whatsoever. Where you got that idea I do not know. I do not work for UH. I have have been pretty critical over the few years. Was trying to be objective.
    you cannot compare the Croson situation with Marks. The Wahine had depth, the men do not. and it's not like they didn't struggle without her. They beat Cal Poly 3-1, the Mustangs 1-14/0-3 at the time.
    swept a not-that-great UCSB team 9-10, 2-2 at the time. The Big West last year was not as competitive as the MPSF is.
    Agree that CSUN wasn't that impressive but they played better, passed better and served better, especially last night. There's still some players who made the final four in 2010 on the team so that is key experience.
    CSUN in No. 6 in the MSPF standings.
    Definitely Hawaii has the potential to be the better team but they did not play like it.
    My son does radio for 1420AM. his comment last night was that the team gave up.
    And as for the Shojis, Kawika went for the academics. His sister was also with the women's team at the time. Erik, Inafuku, McLachlin wanted to play together and stay together from the JNT. McLachlin's dad a Stanford grad helped. The Crabbs. Could have been wanting to play for Knipe at some point when he came back from the national team. Baretta ... obviously wanted a smaller-school, non DI experience. They're NAIA, church-affliated (Baretta went to HBA). a number of reasons he may have chosen the Eagles.

  46. Cindy Luis:

    and there's no way Shoji is coming back to coach the men's team. His next move will be to retire.

  47. dedicatedfan:

    Is there another Dave Shoji out there, who the local kids would want to play for. If not, the Warrior glory days has gone down with the setting sun.

  48. Hot:

    Steve, give it up. You are creepy and annoying.