Volley Shots

CSUN 3, Hawaii 1 3-1

March 1st, 2013

Seems like it's been a long time since the team was in her

UH starting Olsen at OH, announced that he was the floor captain tonight. Also along witih Ramos, Timmer, Sedore, Averill, Zarkovic and Cheape.

79 Responses to “CSUN 3, Hawaii 1 3-1”

  1. warriorfan:

    This is gonna be a horrible loss if they can't pull this off.

  2. warriorfan:

    That's gotta be like 8-7 service errors by Brook , unacceptable.

  3. dedicatedfan:

    Sorry folks, but I am starting to think the UH Athletic Department, should just stick with Women's Sports, and do away with all Men's Programs. Let's see, football did not do anything, baseball is 0 for, basketball is not doing much, volleyball is a joke. Whereas in women's sports, Volleyball is always a Top 10 team, Softball is always ranked, Soccer is growing, and so is Women's Basketball. What you people think, get rid of all Men's Sports Programs.

  4. warriorfan:

    53> take a hike, youre an idiot.

  5. Jml:

    UH 16 CSNU 15. Let's keep the lead.

  6. Cubicle1126:

    The sad part is that dedicatedfan is being serious. So much for being a "dedicated" fan. Time for a name change? 😉

  7. warriorfan:

    I don't know how UH is in this with the outside hitters hitting so woefully.

  8. warriorfan:

    Jeez it's frustrating how northridge is getting all the lucky breaks.

  9. Cubicle1126:

    warriorfan -- i'd say their serving has kept them in this match. it certainly is the big reason for their comeback in this set 4. first sedore's mini-run early on, and then timmer had one.

  10. dedicatedfan:

    warriorfan, you think the Men's Sport Programs are better then the Women's Sport Programs? I for one do not believe so. There are more Women's Sport Programs that are Ranked Nationally, then there are Men's Sport Programs.

  11. dedicatedfan:

    I am only a Dedicated Fan when it comes to the Women's Sport Programs.

  12. Cubicle1126:

    dedicatedfan -- think about it. if you drop all men's sports, that's an immediate downgrade in the status and reputation of your athletic program and school's reputation. that kind of loss would ultimately affect all your remaining sports. what recruits will want to come to a school that cannot maintain all its sports teams...

  13. warriorfan:

    This team needs Jp simple as that, olsen is not an mpsf starter..

  14. warriorfan:

    this is a horrible loss jeez.

  15. Cubicle1126:

    dedicatedfan -- then ur not really a dedicatedfan.

  16. warriorfan:

    cubicle don't even bother with that imbecile.

  17. Cubicle1126:

    a frustrating match for sure. i agree, this is a different team when jp marks isn't in there.

    this was one hawaii could have and should have won. it makes the remaining matches all the more critical.

  18. jmy:

    UH got beat by a better, higher-ranked team...no big deal...CSUN was better because they made the little plays, UH didn't...

  19. warriorfan:

    Jp better be well enough tomorrow. I like max setting but defensively he is awful.

  20. warriorfan:

    I don't think northridge is a good team though, they will be lucky to sneak into the playoffs, UH played bad and still could have won, without a very important player.

  21. Cubicle1126:

    warriorfan -- haha i know. i usually ignore dedicatedfan's drama. but sometimes, you just have to call someone out for their ridiculous statements. (even though, i know, it will have no effect.)

  22. Alohilani:

    I think switching Cheape and Phelps in and out messes with the rhythm. Also the referees really suck. There was at least 3 points against UH.

  23. warriorfan:

    It's hard to pick anyone that played well tonight, Sedore hit well but his serving was atrocious.
    I still can't believe they didn't come in more pumped for these matches, they had a chance to jump way up in the standings.

  24. warriorfan:

    The thing I wanna know is why Hartley gets no shot at all?? Olsen and siki were both awful.

  25. warriorfan:

    it's just hard for me to believe Hartley is that bad.. when he went in as a freshmen in 2011 he showed some promise,

  26. Alohilani:

    Charlie said there was no other player that could take Jace's place. Really? If that's the best we got, this team may be in trouble. What are all the other players - chopped liver?

  27. Hot:

    Can Timmer play left? Why not him instead of Olsen? And didn't Hartley start the last few matches last year?

  28. Ron:

    This was a "team" loss. No one stepped up when our best player was too ill to play. I know it is cruel to say but the word "Choke" came to mind many times during this match. We can still make the play-offs but we need more consistency during crunch time.

  29. Cindy Luis:

    I think Timmer can play left, but that's not where he's been practicing. Notice he didn't play front row last night. Don't know what's up with Hartley. he did start at the end of the season during all those losses.