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Hawaii up to 11 in men's poll

February 18th, 2013

Warriors move up 2 spots after winning at UCLA. Bruins drop a spot to 7.

1. UCI. 2. BYU. 3. Long Beach. 4. Pepperdine. 5. Stanford. 6. Ohio State. 7. UCLA. 8 CSUN. 9 (tie) Penn State & USC (why at 3-6?). 11. Hawaii. 12. Lewis. 13. Cal Baptist. 14. Pacific. 15. Harvard.

5 Responses to “Hawaii up to 11 in men's poll”

  1. uhfan:


    Long, Uiato, Vorster and Manu- Olevao all made the A-2 try out list. Did Hartong try out? I cant see her not being on it if she did.

  2. karmady:

    I think they can surprise Irvine, at least once.

  3. vballfreak808:

    Looks like Timmer will start in the middle tonight

  4. Cindy Luis:

    The four are on the list, part of a record 243 who signed up.
    Hartong ... was resting her shoulder this spring so that's why she's not on the sand roster.

  5. Cindy Luis:

    VBF, see new thread. Timmer started back row. West now in at MB