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Warriors win in 5 over UCLA 2-16

February 16th, 2013

Radio 1500-AM at 5 p.m. HST

Gametracker, audio & video/live streaming at uclabruins.com

UH starting Ramos, Zarkovic, Sedore, Averill, Marks, Holt and Cheape

44 Responses to “Warriors win in 5 over UCLA 2-16”

  1. Cindy Luis:

    Bruins up 5-0 on Quiroga's serve. UH has yet to serve. TO UH.

  2. Cindy Luis:

    Warriors hanging in there, have closed to 10-8. 3 of those points UCLA serving errors.

  3. Cindy Luis:

    Sedore with a kill, Warriors close to 12-11. TO UCLA. Warriors already with more blocks (3) than they had last night (20.

  4. Cindy Luis:

    Hawaii led briefly 14-13, Holt with a mishandled ball ties it at 14. UCLA service error gives UH the 15-14 lead at the TTO.

  5. Cindy Luis:

    UCLA on a mini run, has retaken the lead at 18-16. TO UH. Warriors hitting 136, Bruins .308. Bruins with 3 blocks, Warriors with 4. UH using a two-libero system.

  6. Cindy Luis:

    Quiroga's service error gives UH a 19-18 lead. TO Bruins.

  7. Cindy Luis:

    UH holds off one set point at 24-22, Holt with a kill, closes to 24-23. Sedore blocked. 25-23. On to Set 2.

  8. warriorfan:

    Darn it, Sedore/JP really get blocked way too much.

  9. Cindy Luis:

    Amazing that Hawaii stayed that close, hitting .069
    Sedore 4-3-10, Averill 1-1-2, Marks 1-1-7, Zarkovic 2-2-6, Holt 1-0-4, 2 aces, 1 SE, 4 blocks, 10 digs
    For UCLA, Bruins hit .278. UH no answer for the 7-foot Page. 7-0-9, Paulin 0-1-2, Worley 2-3-9, Rowe 2-0-3, Quiroga 5-2-11. 11 digs, 1 ace, 6 SEs, 5 blocks.

  10. Cindy Luis:

    Hawaii has led almost since the beginning. Both teams not serving well. UH up 13-10.

  11. Cindy Luis:

    Sedore with a kill gives UH a 15-11 lead at the TTO.

  12. Cindy Luis:

    Warriors pulling away at 17-12. TO UCLA. Chemistry has changed a little with Timmer in

  13. Cindy Luis:

    Behind Zarkovic's serve, Warriors up 23-16. TO UCLA.
    UH serving for the set at 24-17.

  14. Cindy Luis:

    UH wins 25-18.
    UH hit .789 in Set 2. overall hitting percentage .354.

  15. Cindy Luis:

    Switching sides, switching momentum. UH down 3-0.

  16. Cindy Luis:

    UH with 6 blocks, 16 digs, 2 aces, 8 SEs.
    UCLA with 6 blocks, 2 aces, 12 SEs.
    Timmer in for Holt again. Not sure if Holt reinjured his hand late in Set 1. he's been heavily taped.

  17. karmady:

    Geez UCLA can dig. Even 7 foot Page picks up stuff.

  18. Cindy Luis:

    Hawaii leads 15-14 in Set 3 at the TTO. very tight set with no one getting more than a 2-point lead,

  19. Cindy Luis:

    UCLA had taken control at 20-17. TO UH.

  20. Cindy Luis:

    Warriors have closed to 21-19. TO UCLA.

  21. Cindy Luis:

    Critical swing call. Siki called for lift. would have made it 22-20 but instead it's 23-19. TO UH. Marks stuffed. UCLA serving for the set.
    Bruins win 25-19.

  22. Cindy Luis:

    don't know if it's Sedore and Marks' fault. not watching the video. don't know how the set location was.

  23. Cindy Luis:

    UH hit 097 to 231 by UCLA in Set 3. Warriors with 4 aces, 10 SEs. UCLA 2 aces, 14 SEs.

    Set 4: UCLA up 4-3. Bruins have brought in Izuchukwu, he's 4-1-5 in 2 sets.

  24. HI5HO:

    Not sure why one of the announcers kept saying that those lifts aren't called in Hawaii.

  25. Cindy Luis:

    Couldn't tell you why they'd say that. other than it sounded like UH questioned a couple of the sticky balls. Not like the announcers have been at the SSC to see the officiating.
    UCLA leads 15-13 at the TTO. And now 17-14.

  26. Cindy Luis:

    Gotta give this team credit. they don't quit. have come back to tie it at 18-18.

  27. Cindy Luis:

    Two quick points by the Bruins give them the 20-18 lead. TO UH.

  28. Cindy Luis:

    UH has tied it. Kill by Zarkovic and then a block. it's 20-20.

  29. Cindy Luis:

    Miss-hit by UCLA gives UH the 21-20 lead. TO Bruins.

  30. Cindy Luis:

    Warriors were up 23-20, now 24-22. Ramos to serve.

  31. Cindy Luis:

    Quiroga with his 17th kill, pulls the Bruins to 24-23. TO UH.

  32. Cindy Luis:

    Marks with his 14th kill ends it. going to 5 again.

  33. Cindy Luis:

    Sedore 15 kills, Marks and Zarkovic with 14.
    UH with a block to open Set 5. it's 1-0.

  34. Cindy Luis:

    UH up 3-0. on 2 blocks and a hitting error by Quiroga. TO UCLA.

  35. Cindy Luis:

    This is UH's eighth 5-setter. UH is 2-5

  36. Cindy Luis:

    UCLA opened the season with a league-record seven straight 5-setters. This is the Bruins' 11th 5-setter. UCLA is 6-4 but has lost the last 3 5-setters.

  37. Cindy Luis:

    UH up 8-6 at the change-over. Warriors hitting .429, UCLA 125 in Set 5

  38. Cindy Luis:

    Marks with an ace, his second, UH's sixth, gives UH 11-8 lead. TO UCLA

  39. Cindy Luis:

    Zarkovic with the overpass, puts UH up 13-10.

  40. Cindy Luis:

    UH serving for the match at 14-11. Quiroga with the kill, 14-12. TO UH.

  41. Cindy Luis:

    Quiroga hits long. UH wins 15-12.

  42. Cindy Luis:

    Be back in a bit with a recap. Great win for the team.

  43. warriorfan:

    Awesome win, great job by the warriors, and Huge match for JP.

  44. Don:

    Just like on match point in the match in the Outrigger, Quiroga hits long on match point...