New blog is up and running

January 25th, 2013

Didn't take long. certainly shorter than getting to the office. How ridiculous that they are doing roadwork-lane closures all at the same time on

1. Punchbowl

2. Ward

3. Pensacola

4. Kapiolani.

7 Responses to “New blog is up and running”

  1. jimmy the lock:


  2. 808:

    Any way to delete the two old threads/entries from March 2012? Also, might there be any way to migrate the previous threads/entries from the old blog to the new one? Just asking. It probably won't be important once more new entries are added.

  3. AniMatsuri:

    About time they moved this blog over newer servers!

  4. Cindy Luis:

    I'm happy, too. had no control over when it happened.
    I'll ask about migrating the previous threads.

  5. Warriorfan:

    Definitely like this format better. Hope the warriors can pull out a win tonight.

  6. Warriorfan:

    Awaiting moderation?? darn

  7. Cindy Luis:

    WF, something that needs to be fixed. This is how the old one started out. Needing my approval before it gets posted. hoping to fix that soon.